Introduction: DIY Knife Rack

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I always wanted that cool magnetic knife rack but when I saw prices (at least in Croatia) for those things I said to myself: OK it's time for something way cheaper,recyclable and easy to build - something in the spirit of GEEK design philosophy...And this cool geekster rack is created ;)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The great thing about this is that you need minimal tools and material - basically what you can find anywhere around you and recycle.

- saw
- paint brush
- screwdriver

- 2 x wooden L profile slat (plank) 
- 2 x screws
- 2 x thin wooden "spacer" pieces
- some paint
- some wood glue

Step 2: Paint and Assembly

1. Cut 2 pieces of L profile plank as long as you want (need) and paint them in color you like. I used water based paints for kids toys so they are maximum safe.

2. Cut and paint the "spacer" - basically I used a small piece of this same L profile plank - this will give you some space between two planks so knife blade can pass trough

3. Glue everything together

4. Mount and screw the rack on to the wall

5. Ad your logo if you are a vain designer like myself :D and that's it!

Hope you like this small DIY project  of mine - this is also my first instructable but there will be many more very soon. Geek on!