GHOST Detector or a Simple Charge Detector

Introduction: GHOST Detector or a Simple Charge Detector

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this is a simple charge detector and nothing like ghost detector if u think so but it detects negative and positive charge so it is a bit like ghost detector as it detects negative energy as well. so let us make this simple GHOST detector.

Step 1: Material

the cost of building this project is less than 0.5$ { well i made it under ₹30 only;)
the materials required are -
3 × BC547 transistor ( or equivalent like BC548, etc. )
1 M ohm resistance (R3)
100K Ohm resistance (R2)
200 Ohm resistance (R1)
9V battery and clip
1 Switch
PC board ( the bord in which all components are soldered )
1 Small LED ( i used red coloured one )
1 Old Antenna ( at first i used the soldered wire to test and then fixed the antenna )
cardboard and a plastic box

Step 2: Diagram

use the image 1 to understand the circuit . now make another small circuit as this will be used to fix the component and small it is better is to fit in box. so make other diagram and use it to fix the component in PCB and solder it. be careful not to burn out the transistor.

join wires to led so that you can fix it anywhere wherever u like irrespective of the board.

also switch is placed to make sure it is easy to place the board in the box.

now using a tape and cardboard and paste it under board so that it is save when you place it above battery and there is no short circuit.

Step 3: Final Assembly

it is nearly over. once it is working you just need to fix all components in a plastic box. take out the antenna and switch. fix the LED on the box, so that it is visible outside and its all over .
go out for a hunt or just prank your friends.

have fun and don't get a heart attack ;)

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    6 years ago

    Try this with a single darlington transistor if you want to make it very compact.

    A darlington is a pair of high gain transistors in a single transistor casing, and provides incredibly high gain. They are very useful for various kinds of sensitive detector projects.