Introduction: GI Stealth Basic Maintenance

After a long day of playing paintball, it is important to take care of your marker. That's why after playing, taking your marker apart and cleaning it is so crucial. Taking care of your marker will keep from breaking down while playing and over all keep it working longer.

This is by no means a deep clean tutorial, but a basic how to to keep your marker going strong. By the end of this walkthrough you should be able to take apart and clean your marker on a basic standard.


Paintball marker


Paintball Grease

Replacement Parts and O-Rings


Allen Keys

Step 1: Tear Down

This step is the basic tear down of the marker. What you'll want to do is first unscrew the barrel from the body using the allen keys if you haven't already done so. Second, you'll want to remove the grip from the body by unscrewing the 4 screws holding the grip on. Third, you'll want to remove the eye covers from the body by unscrewing the screw that holds each eye cover in place. Lastly, you'll want to remove the bolt from the body by pulling up on the back of the bolt. Once everything is removed, set them aside with all the pieces together so that you don't lose any of the pieces.

Step 2: Cleaning the Barrel

For this step, you'll need a squeegee. Using the squeegee, clean the inside of your barrel by running the squeegee through it to remove any gunk that may be residing in the barrel. Next, you'll want to remove the back half of the barrel, if its a two piece barrel, and check to make sure the O-Rings behind the threads on both ends are there and intake. If your barrel is a one piece, simple check that the O-Ring near the threads is there and intake. Once done, you can set the barrel aside because we wont be using it anymore.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Bolt

For this step we will be taking apart the bolt. First, unscrew the blue can from the blue bolt guide. Next, remove the blue bolt guide from the black valve chamber. Set everything on that table, they will be used for the next step.

Step 4: Cleaning the Bolt

This step will simple be whipping down all the parts of the bolt. Using a rag, remove all the old grease from all parts of the bolt.

Step 5: Greasing the Parts of the Bolt

In this step, we will be greasing the. First, get a small dab of grease and grease up the outside of the grey bolt and O-Rings. Second, squeeze out a small amount of grease onto your finger and grease up the O-Rings on the red poppet. Third, do the same thing as step two except for the outer two rings of the blue bolt guide on each end. Lastly, do the same thing for the black valve chamber and grease all the rings. You can now put the bolt back together and set it aside.

Step 6: Clean the Eyes

In this step we will be cleaning the eyes of the marker. Once the eye covers are off, gently remove the eyes from their housing. This can be done with an allen key or a pick or whatever thin small object you have laying around. Wipe down the eyes to remove any gunk that may be on them. It is important to also clean the housing that the eyes sit in to avoid any gunk in their from blocking the sensors.

Step 7: Replacing the Battery

The last step before putting everything back together is replacing the battery. If needed, replace the battery simply by removing the battery from the handle and detach it from the battery prongs. Swap in a new battery and put back in place.

Step 8: Put Everything Back Together

Now for the last step, simply do the reverse of taking apart. Screw the eye covers and grip back on using an allen key. Place the bolt back in the body and set the lock down. If going to be used you can screw the barrel back in.

Step 9: And You're Done

Now that everything is back together, I'd recommend testing your marker in a backyard or on a field. It is also recommended to wear a mask while doing this and make sure when shooting to not shoot towards any living thing.