Introduction: GIANT Bubble Blower

had enough of those puny little bubbles you can blow with those store bought sticks...

well now ill show you how to easily make bubbles 2m in diameter easily and BIGGER! for under $3


for this instructable you will need

2 peices of dowling/ bamboo ( i used 1m peices)

1 spool of string (any string will do as long as it is slightly absorbent and not woolen)

1 roll of tape (i used gaffa tape)

Step 2: First String

you will need a piece of string just larger than the peice of dowling you are using.

tie one end of this string to a peice of dowling and the other end to the other peice of dowling approximatley 1cm from the top.

Step 3: Tying String #2

you will need a peice of string just larger than the length of you forearm.

tie one end of the string to the bottom of forst peice of dowling and the other end to the other peice of dowling both approx 2cm from the base.

Step 4: Tying String #3

for this you will need a peice of string just larger than 2 lengths of one of the poles you are using.

tie one end of the string about 1cm away from the pole onto the first peice of string you tied. tie the other end the same way.

Step 5: Bubble Mix

now you have made your bubble blower, you now have to make you bubble mix. i have found using a dish washing liquid in a 3:1 ration of water:liquid produces the best bubbles.

however if you are willing to go the extra mile for you bubble you can use 1.5 gallons of boiling water dissolved in, half a teaspoon of J-lube, a small tube (4.5 ounces) of surgical lube and a 1/4 cup of glycerine (99.5% pure), 16 ounces of dishwasher liquid, 1/2 a cup of manual dishwashing liquid.
see its hard but if you are willing to spend the money on them it should give you self-healing bubbles which means you can blow smaller bubbles inside the big one, and they are stronger.

Step 6: ENJOY!

now with a little bit of practice you will be blowing giant bubbles.

i would advise using the tape to secure down the four peices of string on your dowling so they dont come off. and also the string on the botom of the dowling is merly for practice purposes you can take it off in the future i simply had mine there to stop me from making the top rope taught and popping the bubbles.

to form the membrane to start blowing you bubbles simply pull the sticks appart so that a small triangle is formed in the middle of it and then widne as you bubble blows.

the best way to do it is to either walk with it, or let the wind do it for you. remember to pull the string out so there is no hole in the loop to start with then slowly open the loop to make big bubbles. Also to detach the bubble simple close the loop.

NOTE: the string on the bottom is only for training reasons, it is not nescesary to the design its just there to stop you pulling the sticks to far appart.

Added information from other big bubble enthusiasts;

The string should be something that absorbs a good deal of solution, I tend to use upholstery edging. Also I have found that a weight in the center of the hanging material provides easier use when there is a breeze and that a couple of knots about 2 inches below the attach points to the dowels allow for easier separation once the bubble has formed and you close it.