Introduction: GLCD RADAR

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Hi again form 'old man in SC',

I saw a radar screen the other day and liked it. The problem is you need to download a special screen app to view it and need to be connected to the computer. AND the screen had a PLASTIC overlay for the scale.

Not what I wanted. So I had some 5110 (84x48) glcd and made this. OK right off the bat it isn't radar its sonar. Second the screen isn't curved with a fancy color reflection. But they both have a short range of about 200 to

300cm. I tried to get 'NEWPING' library to go farther but no consistent readings past 300cm. There are long range sensors but I wanted a EASY project anyone could enjoy. In all the photos I kept a cabinet to the left side that is 25cm away for the rotating ultrasonic sensor. This is the left side echo line. In an empty space the display shows no reflection or blank screen. The top of the screen is 200cm for a faint distant echo.

Step 1: General View of STUFF and BUILD PARTS

This is the basic layout. 2nd photo is echo of bottle.

I don't know why the 'notes' on the pictures don't display until you mouse over them.

I like you to know up front what to expect and learn from MY mistakes. The two big mistakes here will help you on other projects. For 2 weeks I got screen full of false echoes when the servo was moving. Perfect screens when servo was off. I thought my sketch was out of synk so I manipulated delay() and everything else. I gave up and started to take the project apart and I tried one more idea... I used a separate 5v supply to the servo. Even though I had extra 300uf caps on the shared 5v line by adding the other supply cured the problem. My other mistake was 5v to the glcd. It has a mark 3V ~ 5V but with 5v I got erratic start-ups and jumbled screens.

Step 2: Distence Measurment

Here is a chair placed 100cm away and the display shows 3.5 graduations.

Step 3: Wire Layout and Ino Sketch

My other projects please see led on glass and time squared were so hard but the results were beautiful.

This project is easy...copy and paste and ready to plug in parts.

any arduino

any glcd 5110 84X48

any 3pin servo

any sonic sensor HC-SR04

TWO SEPARATE 5v supplies

The layout is easy see photo. I want to thank the writer of the PCD8544 for the best library I ever used. Most libraries just don't work of they are so complex, or no instructions. This one is GREAT. If you don't make this project but play with the 5110 lcd you must use this library. I down loaded 4 others and just became so frustrated.

Back to the radar... install sketch with PCD8544. The only change you may need is 'lcd.Setcontrast().

The range is 1-127. I got a good screen at 55-60. "lcd.Setcontrast(55)". this value is changed to view contrast in the screen.

You may notice the sweep changes speed and that is because 'NEWPING' looks for echoes. if it finds a good echo it stops and moves on but in an open room the echo takes longer and so newping waits. Thus empty room slow.. close objects fast.

Thanks for viewing I hope I inspired you. Please see my other STUFF. and soon a lcd oil change, trip odometer, clock, direction, MPH, and odometer all in one gps 16x2 lcd ... next month

Step 4: