Introduction: GLaDOS Prompt in Linux!

About: I'm a 11 year old who has 5 years of idle intrest in Arduino, 3/4 of a year of learning to program and 1/4 year of experience with Arduino. C++ is the shizz.
           Hello all you hackers and modders and whatever! If you have played the game "Portal" , then you already know what GLaDOS is. For the uninitiated, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is a passive-aggressive, female, narcissistic robot made by Aperture Laboratories, CEO Cave Johnson. GLaDOS, in the beginning, was a simple DOS-like prompt, though she turns evil and poisons the entire facility with neurotoxin. This is all a project in C++, and will be updated frequently.

Step 1: Coding

C++ was my code of choice as it is: Easily compiled using G++, fast, and supported on Linux, Unix, and Windows (ugh!). Though my bit of code is just a bit of while() loops and if-else statements, I also plan to turn it into a class/ header file to re-use in later projects. I currently have no commands built in, but plan to have more in the near-future. I have included the source code in the intro.

Step 2: Boring Copyright Stuff

GLaDOS is sole property of Valve Corperation( "Valve"), and I do not own, promote, nor deface Valve's property ("GLaDOS").