Introduction: GO SHOPPING CART

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This is mile stone pictures on how I took a shopping cart and made it into and a GO shopping cart

Step 1: Humble Start of the Go Shopping Cart

This project has been in the pipe lines for years, taking a shopping cart and making it into a go cart. So this is my base and old go kart I brought off a some kid when I was in high school its been sitting in storage for the good part of 6 years and all I am doing is tripping over. So might as well build something cool out of if that people haven't seen.

Step 2: Chopping and Channeling the Basket

It wouldn't be much of a shopping cart without its basket, So I had to get my hands on 2 old shopping carts and remove the basket, There is a reason for this, if you measure a basket they only about 3 feet long and about 3 feet wide at the back widest part of the basket. So to make the Cockpit work it needed to be a minimum of 5 feet and hold 3 feet so it will fit tightly around the seat and look like it was made for the chassis that I decided on using for this project. So I took out my handy mig welder and tacked on supports onto the one basket. This was to make sure that it will stay "True" thought out the fabrication process. Now I needed to measure and remove the front of the other basket. This is THE HARDEST PART, I wanted the basket to look like nothing really ever happen to it so when people look at it they think its one basket. Because of the 2 different angles the basket needed to be widen in the front as well a stretched forward, In hot rodding terms this is a chop and channel. This is my results of the work I did to make my effect. Mounting it to the basket was fairly easy it was simple mounts that I welded to the old go cart that secured it into place. Note: I work in retail so getting my hands on the shopping carts I need was easy, but if you do decide on doing any project that needs ones, please ask store management for them chances are we have old broken ones to give you.

Step 3: Finishing Touches With Paint

I am sorry I dont have move pictures of the build itself, these are mile stone pictures I took while building it for the company I work for. I wanted to make it look like it was something that came out of a 10 year old boys mind, Hot wheels meet shopping cart. I went with an burnt orange with a stain finish, and had a new seat made to match the basket, The chassis I wanted to keep it looking like it was from a shopping cart so I used a flat sliver so it really looks like it was meant to be together.

Step 4: ENGINE!

Its one thing to make a shopping cart into a go cart but its a whole other thing to over power it. The power plant I used was a simple predator engine 212 cc. I did some simple up grades to the engine to make sure that its well over powered of itself. Online you can but the exhaust and carb parts to make a simple 6-7 hp engine, push closer to 12-13hp, now without thinking on my end was upgrade the clutch and chain when do this modification to the engine

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