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Step 1: What Is the Power Racing Series

The Power Racing Series is the ultimate trash to treasure contest. With a limited budget in my case time, teams build race ready cars made out of old children ride on toys. With 500 dollar budget people get to work cutting, grinding and welding these toys to race.

Step 2: On the Hunt

So keeping budget in mind I was on the hunt for one of these. Ideally when building one of these cars you want something used and beat on and I did that. Hunting on second hand websites I came across the prefect kart to start with an in budget.


Most teams spend a lot of time building their cars I challenged myself to build one within 2 weeks a really tight dead line. I found a shopping cart sitting on the side of the road, so with that I removed the bottom and started to line up the basket to the new base.


The razor drifter comes with a 24 volt little motor, I wanted more power so more motor I went onto ebay and picked up 1000watt 48 volt motor. It needed some get up and go

Step 5: Fitting the Basket

So the basket wouldn't fit right on so it took a little cutting and grinding along with some welding make the basket to fit seamlessly. Once fitted I gave it a classic sliver and red paint job and needed to extend the steering so I could reach.

Step 6: The Finish Line

So I was so busy those 2 days at makers fair to take any picture. So being a rookie team I didnt know what I was in for it all the good ways. Saturday was the first day of racing it consisted of Moxie race, Time trial, and 2 sprints.

The Moxie race is a peoples choice race were the public meets you and the car and vote. For me this was my first time and the Go Shopping Kart was a home run the people loved it

Time Trial- Didnt go very well, with it being over powered and hard plastic rear tires it kept spinning out in the turns.

2 sprint races- Went as well as I expected it with major traction issue I couldnt compete. but people were allowed to vote as much as they want to and as many times as they wanted to.


2 sprint races- In the pits that morning I was trying to fit my traction issue we took para-cord and rubberized spray paint to fix the problem. Yes this helped but it was only temporary and No the Go Shopping Kart never did win a race.

Endro race- this is the final race for the day 45 mins of non stop racing action and no major break downs happen.

What I didnt know is how the point system really worked. The Go Shopping Kart is loved by the kids and adults all voting for the car. From dead last to 3rd place overall 2nd place in Moxie points and my 3rd award was not killing anyone from spinning out.