GOA Sniper Rifle

Introduction: GOA Sniper Rifle

Hey everybody! As you might discover, this is my first instructable.. and i intend to start it off with a bang. As you can see, this is a sniper rifle i've been working on for a while. I've spent a lot of time to perfect this for all pf you, the members of instructables. Here's a little info about the gun:

Great range (150 ft. min)
Sturdy (Dropped it at least five times and it still didnt break)
Reliable trigger mechanism

Poor Sight (In my opinion)
And thats it :D

On To The Next Step!! :)

Step 1: Stock

Here's the stock :)

1-5 (this is what you're gonna make)
6-7 (add these white rods)
8 (make this)
9 (gather these)
10, 11 (the red connectors go there and the other thingy goes there [points imaginarily])
12-14 (make these)
15-17 (put it on!)
18-21 (add the third layer [identical to the first])

Step 2: Handle, Trigger Mech, and the Barrel

Heeeres where you make the barrel/handle/trigger! :D just build it.

1-4 (this is the first and fifth layer. The other layers are more-or-less based off of this layer. BUILD TWO OF THESE)
5-8 (the second and fourth layer. build it and save it for later, you will add it to the first. BUILD TWO OF THESE)
9 (The third layer. Not much, shouldn't be hard. ONLY BUILD ONE)
10-13 (Add these blue rods to the first layer)
14-17 (Add the second layer)
18-22 (Add the third layer)
23-25 (Add these yellow connectors to the bottom of the barrel [there should only be eight])
26 (add these white rods and the one, lonely, blue rod [p.s. there are only two blue spacers on the white rods [p.p.s. there's a green connector on the end of the handle, too]])
27 (Build this. this is the thing that holds the rubber band)
28, 29 (Build the trigger)
30-32 (Add the trigger mech to the gun)
33-35 (Add the fourth and fifth layer)
36 (the mighty rubber band!) :p
37 (attach it like this)

If you have any other questions, just leave a comment on my orange board or send me a message, and I would be happy to help.

Step 3: Barrel Extension

The title explains it all.. have fun!

1-3 (Build this. this is the base for this step, and you will build off of this.)
4-7 (Add the second layer. It's identical to the first, so just copy from what you see)
8, 9 (Build the rail)
10-12 (add the rail)
13, 14 (build this)
15-16 (Put it on!!)
17-19 (Add the fourth and fifth layers [also identical to the first and second])

Step 4: Scope

Not that good. Available for mods if anyone is up for it. Just message me or leave a comment.

1, 2 (Build this)
3 (Also build this)
4, 5 (Combine the three parts)
6, 7 (Add the last two parts)


Step 5: Rubber Band

Technically, this is the rubber band AND the thing that holds the rubber band in place. Without it, the rubber band would fly off with the bullet.

1 (Get three #64 rubber bands [the medium sized ones])
2-8 (How to tie the rubber bands together)
9 (make this)
10, 11 (Insert the rubber bands in between the two tan clips)

Step 6: Stock Decor

Probably the easiest step. Just build what's in the pictures.

1 (What you're going to make)
2, 3 (Build these)
4 (Attach the three together with orange connectors)

Step 7: Puttin' It All Together

This is probably the hardest part of the gun. Just keep up and try not to get lost ;)

1 (Gather these three parts)
2 ( okay, i lied.. you only need these two parts for now, but still keep the other part for later.)
3, 4 (How you should connect the two)
5 (okay NOW you're gonna need the other part.)
6, 7 (attach like so)
8 (gather the stock decor)
9, 10 (Attatch it. However, make sure that the blue spacers are in between the two red connectors)
11 (Get the Scope..)
12, 13 (..Attatch it)
14 (Get the rubber band..)
15, 16 (..Attatch it like so)
17 (Make this)
18, 19 (Attatch it)

Step 8: Bullet

This is the reccommended bullet. You can try out as many bullets as you like, however this is the one i find the most reliable.

Step 9: Loading/Firing

Loading and firing this gun is fairly easy. simply stretch the rubber band all the way so it rests on the green connector. BUT REMEMBER.. do NOT rest the rubber band on the part where the rods connect to the connector. see the picture to see where to put the rubber band. After that, load the bullet onto the rail to be fired, and pull the trigger. After firing, pull the green connectors back up and repeat the proccess to fire again.

If you need any information about the gun, leave a comment or send me a message and i would be glad to help.

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    what do you mean? and what can I do to make it better?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    it needs to be stronger

    Not bad, but if you want a good sniper like this I would go with KillerK's SSRV v2


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    i've built that, and i don't like the trigger mechanism. this one is a lot more reliable in my opinion