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Introduction: GOT MILK? Baby Shower Gift

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These are the perfect gift bundles for the next baby shower you attend. It includes a cow print nursing cover with a cow bag beanie & it's all bundled up in a milk carton carrying case. Perhaps you can include a cute note that reads, "For an udderly fantastic moother." 


My inspiration for this project came from this cartoon sketch that a friend shared with me. I instantly wanted to make the same nursing cover and beanie that was depicted. Then I decided I could do a spin off of it that was a little less controversial yet still just as comical. This is what I came up with instead. It may be because I was raised on a dairy, but I think it is a winner. I hope others find it as funny as I do.


There are lots of tutorials for nursing covers out there, and all sorts of different styles. This is how I make mine so if you like it you will need:

1 yard of cow cotton print
1 yard of black or white flannel
1/2 yard velcro
1/2 yard plastic boning
Some yarn for the "tail" (black,white, or multi colored)

1. Cut both fabrics to be 36" x 25"
2. Cut 2 strips of the cow print for the straps one that's 3" x 16" and the other to be 3" x 7" 
3. Fold your strips in half with right sides facing, & sew the free long edge closed (do this for both strips)
4. Turn the strips right side out & tuck in about 1/4" at the open ends
5. Gather up a bundle of yarn Stuff some yarn in one of the open ends of the long strip and sew it closed. (making a tail)
6. Continue sewing until you've sewn completely around the strip. (sew completely around short strip as well)
7. Now sew one side of the velcro onto the long strip (about 10" worth) & the other side onto the short strip (about 6" worth)
8. Sandwich both of your fabrics with right sides facing & sew 3 of the edges together leaving 1 long edge free.
9. Turn the whole thing right side out & sew around the same 3 edges with a zigzag or decorative stitch.
10 .Mark the center of the remaining open edge & then mark 9" on either side of the center. (this creates an 18" gap for the boning)
11. Fold about 1/4" of the open edges under & sew your decorative stitch up to the first pin. Then turn your work 90* and sew down about 1", turn it again and sew past the center & until you come to the last pin. Then turn your work and sew up to the pin. You should now be back on the edge of the fabric. With 1/4" still turned under sew the remaining portion closed. (a "pocket is created for the boning)
12. Now pin in the 2 straps inside the pocket and push them against the edge of the seam.  One strap should be velcro side up the other velcro side down. 
13. Slip in your 18" boning. It should fit snugly from seam to seam. You want the natural curve of the boning to curve towards the black side of the cover.
14. Working with the same1/4" turned under (so it's flush with the already stitched portion) & working over the top of the straps sew the pocket closed with your decorative stitching.

MOOOOVE over ladies cuz you are DONE!


I'm a "free style" crocheter so I usually just do my own thing and so I don't have a specific pattern for you. Any simple baby beanie pattern that you may have will work for this, whether it be crochet or knit. Here is what I did for mine....

1.Crochet/ knit your simple beanie in a nice flesh tone.
2.If you would like you can add a 1" border of a black & white multicolor. (fold it up onto the beanie)
3.Then make 4 squares that measure about 2" (leave long tails on them for sewing)
4.Fold the squares in half and sew the long edge together.
5.Then gather one of the short ends. (it will look like a finger to a glove)
6.Sew these 4 "teats" on to the top of the beanie. 
7. Make sure all your ends are secured and hidden as a final check.

It's that simple!


Originally I wanted to make a messenger style bag that said, "GOT MILK?" on it. Then I wanted to attach the bag to the nursing cover, sort of like a "quillow." I finally decided I was just going to keep things simple, and cheap and do a milk carton carrying case. You of course can do what ever you desire, and I still really like the idea of incorporating the "GOT MILK?" some how. If your like me and are crunched for time or money then you can just do this...

Take an empty milk carton.
Open it from the top. (Try not to tear it up when opening it so it still looks as good as new)
Clean it out well.
Then cut 2 plastic washers out of a plastic milk jug or something similar that are about quarter sized. (use a hole punch for the center) These help to prevent the knot from pulling through the carton.
Cut a length of cord or ribbon for a strap. (it can be short or long which ever you prefer)
Poke a whole in the side of the milk carton (I did mine on the triangular portion of the flaps)
Run your cord through the carton and washer then tie a knot.
Repeat this on the opposite side.
At the top, line the lips of the carton with velcro using hot glue AND.....



Now let's put it all together.

COVER= The best way to fold the cover is to roll it going with the curve of the boning. I folded mine over length wise twice. Then layed the long tail across so that the straps are on opposite sides. Then roll it from one end to the other so that it rolls with the curve of the boning. Then use your straps to secure it. 

BEANIE= Position the cover so that the tail points down. Then slip the udder beanie on top of the roll.

CARTON= Open the carton up nice and wide so you can stay free from the velcro. You don't want to snag the beanie. Then slip the entire bundle straight into the carton with the beanie on top. Then fold it closed (you may have to fold down the "teats" if they are in the way)

Now give your gift away and watch them grin from ear to ear!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I really love it too & I'm glad others share a similar since of humor! :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea with the cow-style and the matching beanie - made me laugh!
    Good instructable!
    I never thought that something like a "nursing-cover" exists ( googled it, to figure out what to do with it :D)



    Oh man, I LOVE this! It is so funny, cute, and useful all in one. Your mind is so amazingly twisted! I hope the lucky recipient thinks this is as awesome as I do.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad to see there are others that find it funny. I was beginning to question my since of humor. ;)