Introduction: GPS Clock Time Adjusted to Timezone and Daylight Saving Time

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In this instructable I share with you my gathering of useful components in Arduino code.

If you have a GPS receiver, why not use the time of the GPS satellites displayed in the time of your timezone.

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Step 1: Components and Assemblation


I used the following components, readily available from Aliexpress, eBay or Amazon

Arduino nano 5v, 168P

GPS receiver: GY-NEO6MV2

LCD screen with I2C connection


Jumper cables



GND to GND of LCD and GPS

5V to VCC of LCD and GPS

A4 to SDA of LCD (I2C bus)

A5 to SCL of LCD (I2C bus)

8 to TX of GPS (8 is RX as AltSoftwareSerial defined)

9 to RX of GPS (9 = TX as AltSoftwareSerial defined)

(in the photo a used other software serial pins in the standard library)

Step 2: Coding

I used the following libraries:

Timezone.h to adjust the time to daylight savings time

TinyGPS++ to decode the GPS data

AltSoftSerial.h for the software serial connection with the GPS module (works better than SoftwareSerial, as seen in the unwanted 'blinks' of the LCD screen, while using that standard).

EDIT: NewLiquidCrystal (NOT: LiquidCrystal_I2C.h) for the LCD screen I used.

These libraries can be downloaded from Github.

My code is published on my Github.