Introduction: GPS Mount for Your Motorcycle

I couldn't find a GPS mount for my motorcycle that would fit where I wanted it to so I just made one. I found a suction mount for my brand (Garmin GPSMap 60C) at Gander Mountain which is a hunting and fishing store in my area. The mount was a brand called RAM. You can find it here. They sell mounts already for this motorcycles but that's no fun and you'll have to order it from them whereas you can buy the mount at the store and save on shipping.

You'll need the following items and tools:
RAM mount or similar 3 piece mount
1 3/16" U bolt
open box wrench
Dremel Tool with abrasive disk and grinding disk
about 1.5" of leather (I used an old belt)
Motorcycle :)

Here's the completed picture:

Step 1: Getting Rid of Needless Parts

First thing I did was to get rid of the suction mount part. I went to the hardware store and bought a U bolt with a 1 3/16 inch opening.

I then re-drilled the mount to accept the new U Bolt.

Step 2: Now Attach the Mount

Now attach the mount to the handlebars.

I didn't want the mount too high so I placed it just inside the left handlebar mounting bracket. I also used about an inch and a half of an old leather belt. I did this for 2 reasons. First it would keep the handlebars nice without making scratches or dents and it would keep it from vibrating with the bike.

Wrap the leather around the bar and attach the U bolt. Add the re-drilled plate but don't push it all the way down yet as you won't be able to add the nuts between the bolt ends the rubber ball. Place the plate on just far enough to put the nuts on and hand tighten the nuts as you move the plate closer to the handlebars. If you drilled the plate right you can do all this by hand until it meets the leather.

Step 3: Remove Excess Bolt Material

Once you have it tightened you'll need to remove the excess bolt material. I suggest you use a Dremel Tool or similar small rotary tool with an abrasive disk. It is a tight space so you don't want to use too big of a tool that might scratch your chrome. Once you have half of the bolt cut you can bend it back and forth until it breaks free. Then grind off the sharp burs with your grinding wheel attachment.

Step 4: Attach the Rest and You're Done

Now you're ready to attach the rest of the mount and adjust the position as you like.

I chose this particular brand because you can move it ALMOST wherever you want to. One more nice thing about it is you can leave the first plate on and remove the rest of the mount when you aren't using it and you won't notice the original plate unless you're looking for it. I keep mine handy but out of sight until I need it.

You'll have to decide if you want to run the power cord for this. I haven't done this yet as I haven't taken a long trip yet. You'll probably have to cut the cord and permanently install it.

You're done. Mount your GPS and go riding already!