GPS (Raspberry Pi)

Introduction: GPS (Raspberry Pi)

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Basic tutorial of how to setup a GPS module with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Parts

RPI 3 –

4 Amp Power Adapter –

16GB Micro SD –

VK-162 USB GPS Module -

VK-162 USB GPS Module (ALT) -

Step 2: Setup

Enable serial interface:

sudo raspi-config

Select “No” on first prompt, and “Yes” on second

Save and Reboot

Test GPS module:

lsusb - list usb devices

dmesg | grep tty - list serial ports

cat /dev/ttyACM0 - display RAW NMEA Data

NMEA Standard:

Step 3: Code



Step 4: Additional Info

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    Question 2 months ago on Step 2

    What is the power usage for the raspberry pi 4 with the GPS connected and constantly running?

    I am looking at setting up a RPI 4 with a GPS to constantly record the data and this will be portable (running off a battery). I am hoping to have it run for 24 hours.