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This is my lastest "Green" Holdiday Twirlabout thingy! It can encompass any holiday by simply changing the inside components! This upcoming holiday happens to be green so here goes!

Step 1: Start With a 3 Liter Soda Bottle

I started this instructable with a 3 Liter soda bottle. Washed and dried.

Step 2: Use a Sharp Exacto Knife or Scizzors

A very sharp exacto knife or scizzors is needed here. Scizzors are the best bet , they much safer. The knife needs a strong, steady hand! Be careful!!!

Step 3: Measure and Mark Out the Fins

You can measure and mark out the fins with a felt tip marker or grease pencil. The fins are 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide, your choice. Start at the point where the bottle starts to curve at the top. This is where your fins will begin. Cut them down to the lower part of the bottle. You should see a thin line from the factory bottle maker (2 inches from the bottom). Cut  the fins till you are all the way around the bottle.     Be careful, the knives are very sharp.         Do not rush or slip! Use steady pressure and a strong controlled hand.    I sharpen my knife to a near surgical edge. It cuts smoother that way. (again I warn against using these knives incorrectly, this is a discalimer, I can not take responsibility for any injuries incuured ! If in doubt use scizzors!)

Step 4: Bend the Fins

Mark a line where you want the fins to bend .Bend each fin outward and pinch the fin hard between your fingers. About halfway is good. If some don't look even, do not despair. Unbend and repinch. The plastic is very forgiving!

Step 5: Make a Hole in the Cap & Bottom of Bottle

Make a hole in the cap and the bottom of the bottle. Just the size of your string or wire or yarn you will hang and shape the bottle  by pulling the string and knotting it at just the right place to get a flared out middle.

Step 6: Run a String Through Bottom & Cap

Run some string through the bottom first, then bring it up and through the hole in the cap (off the bottle). Tie a not on the bottom end.

Step 7: Screw the Cap On

Screw the cap back on the bottle. Then compress the bottle down against something. I used my chest. Then when the flared out fins look nice tie a not there on the outside. See how it looks. If you need more or less flare, re-adjust the knot.

Step 8: Stuff the Bottle

Now the fun starts! Stuff your bottle with anything that will make it look cool inside. Sort of a collage. This upcoming holiday is St. Patrick's Day. A very important saint for many Irish Roman Catholics. It is said that he rid Ireland of snakes. Among other things. And you know I have never seen a snake in Ireland! Wierd!

Step 9: Hang Your Creation Up

Hang your creation up where all can enjoy! I stuffed mine with some ribbon, green beeds, shamrocks, and silk flowers. Use your imagination. And then on the next holiday, change the inside stuff to fit that holiday. Easter is coming, I am already thinking, eggs, pastel ribbons, silk flowers, and a bunny and chick ! Enjoy!   Triumphman 

Step 10: Bottom View

Step 11: The Easter Twirlabout

As I said, this thingy can change with each holiday! So I gathered up some Easter eggs, a classic old  bunny toy, shiny ribbon, and placed them inside. Voila, an Easter Twirlabout. Enjoy!