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Introduction: GRWM: Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Look

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So this look is very easy to recreate and ideal if you are new to makeup buy want to look like a professional. I used browns and this will be suitable for anyone and for any occasion.

Step 1:

So first as always I primed my face. This is just going to help the makeup last all day and give your makeup the best base as possible. Then with my foundation I applied this all over my face and down onto my neck. I made sure there were no harsh lines as this makes the make look noticeable and you always want it to look natural-ish.

Step 2:

Then with my concealer I applied this in a triangular shape under my eyes, then on my chin, my forehead and down onto my nose. I then take my beauty blender and blend this out. I then always set my concealer with a setting powder. This is just going to stop creasing and lasts all day. Then I go onto shaping my face. I take my bronzing powder and apply this to my cheek bones up into my hairline, jawline and onto my nose. I then go in with my foundation brush and blend this all out so there are no harsh lines.

Step 3:

Then I go in with my brow kit and fill in my brows. You can do this however you would normally.

Step 4:

Now onto the eyes. First I take a matte dark brown and apply this to the outer lid of the eye and along the lower lash line. Then with a fluffy brush I blend this out into the crease. Keep adding and blending till you are happy with the look. Then with a shimmery light brown colour and I apply this to the lid and inner corner of the eye. To finish the eyes I take a matte black eye shadow and take it along the lash line to replace any eyeliner that I would normally apply.

Step 5:

Then just apply any mascara and false lashes that you would normally like to use. I also apply a white liner to the waterline this just helps keep the eyes open and large. I also take a white eye shadow and apply this on the brow bone just to give a bit of highlight to the eyes.

Step 6:

Finally for this look I take a highlighter and apply this to the highest points of my cheeks, my cupids bow and my nose. I then use my pink nude lipstick and apply this to my lips.

Now this is the look and I do hope you like it. :):)

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    7 years ago

    I used browns makeup i really change my face look.