GSM Based Fire Alarm System

Introduction: GSM Based Fire Alarm System

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GSM, Microcontroller Based Fire detection and SMS Alert system, it uses LM35 Temperature Sensor and MQ2 for Smoke sensing and 16x2 LCD is used to display temperature and Smoke Level, Over limit set points are set inside the program you can modify it as per your requirements, It Sends SMS when set limits are crossed through GSM modem that is attached to Serial Rxd and Txd Pins, Set your mobile number inside the code in SendSMS subroutine. It generates Sound When Fire is detected for alerting.

Features:1. Disconnects Electrical Supply as soon as Fire is detected2. Sends Fire Alert SMS with Temperature and Smoke Level to Given number.3. Makes Loud Sound using buzzer to alert about fire.4. Uses Standard MQ2 Smoke Sensor and LM35 Temperature Sensor 5. Low Cost This project is very useful for Monitoring of temperature, smoke level, It gives SMS Alert as soon as fire is detected. In this project GSM Modem, MQ-2, LM35 are main parts. You can try this project using Protius simulation. Circuit diagram, Layout is provided with code. Download respective files.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Atmega 8 Microcontroller

2. LM35 Temprature Sensor

3. MQ2 Smoke Sensor

4. 16x2 LCD

5. BC548

6. 1K Ohm Resistors

7. GSM Modem (SIM300 or SIM900)

8. Buzzer

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Step 2: Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing

Download Requires Files

1. Try Simulation Click Here to Download Protius Simulation File

2. Download pdf Complete Circuit Diagram

3. Assemble components using above files.

Step 3: Programming the Controller

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