Introduction: GSSE Final Project (Wall-E Robot)

About: Currently at the University of Tennessee Governor's School for the Sciences and Engineering building a Wall-E Robot replica for our final project.

How to create a Replica of a Wall-E robot.

Step 1: Find a Base

The first step in constructing a Wall-E Robot Replica is to find either a toy wall-e robot or another toy with treads that are mobile and saw the top off so that you are left with simply the tracks and a platform to build upon.

Step 2: Construct the Head

Either design or copy a 3D print design for two mirror-image Wall-E eyes using a picture as a guideline. When the eyes have printed, epoxy a small wooden stick across to connect both eyes at a slight (10-12 degrees) angle.

Next, glue a small wood block to a slightly longer and wider wooden plank. Make two of these and glue then just above the stick connecting the two eyes together.

Now, find a quarter inch thick wooden stick and cut it at a 45 degree angle down the middle. Rotate one piece 180- degrees and hot glue them together with the point of contact sticking forward.

Step 3: Build the Box

Design a box from 6 pieces of thin plywood. The specifications vary depending on the size of your robot, but as a general guideline, you want it to be more long than it is wide. Glue each piece together as shown and leave the front piece of for detailing in the next step.

Step 4: Engrave the Front

Find a properly detailed picture of the front plate of Wall-E from online and load it into a laser cutter. Next, Place the wooden plank in the machine, calibrate and center the engraving, and engrave the image.

Step 5: Begin Painting and Detailing

Obtain a light sun-stained yellow spray paint and paint/dry at least 4 layers on each face of the box. Next, spray a light but wet layer of yellow paint on top of the dried surface and rub dirt well into the wet paint to create the rust-detailing.

Step 6: Detail the Eyes

Spray the same yellow spray paint used for the body and spray it onto a paint cover surface; then, immediately spray a little gloss or semi-gloss black paint on top of the yellow paint. Mix, and cover the entire surface of the eyes including the wood additives. Continue mixing until you can coat the entire surface of the head.

Step 7: Create the Arms

Find a 1.5 inch thick stick of wood and cut two, 9-inch blocks from it. Then, sand one face of the blocks on both corners to be round....thinnk of a semicircle on one side of the block and a flat/square side on the other. Then, hot glue a smaller 1.5 inch long stick of wood to one end. Finally, draw the side of WALL-E's arms (from a picture) into the side of a wood block and use a bandsaw to cut them out and finish by hot gluing them to the front of the smaller wood stick. Make sure the rounded side of the larger wooden block points left on one arm and right on the other with the hand pointing down.

Step 8: Paint and Detail the Arms

First paint the flat side of the arms white and allow time to dry. Then, On the flat side of the arms with the hand pointing down, place three 3/4 inch pieces of painters tape at a slight angle as shown above and paint the same side black with 1-2 coats. remove the tape. Next, use the same yellow and black mixture for the eyes to paint the arms; paint the rest of the arms the same yellow as the body. After the third coat, use a light amount of dirt to add a covering of 'rust' look to the arms. Make sure you avoid putting dirt on the rounded side for gluing.

Step 9: Connect the Arms

Hot glue the arms so that the hands are pointing own and the black/white stripes are facing out. Place them so that they are parallel to the floor and the arms come out from the body approximately 2.5 inches.

Step 10: Create the Eyes

Use a laser cutter to cut plexiglass into two circles that will fit just into the cirlce sections of the 3D printed eyes. Then use hot glue to attach them to the eyes.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

Glue the eyes on the head and the front plate on and you have successfully created Wall-E!