Introduction: GTA IV - Without Graphic Card Tutorial - BY SBTOPZZZ

Welcome Guys,

Lets Start Grand Theft Auto 4 without Graphic Card.

Step 1: Step 1: Possible to Have GTA IV Without Graphic Card?

If you ask me, i say Yes.

GTA IV always configures your PC to check the requirements, especially the Graphic Card.

So, I too had the same problem, there was just 96 video memory remaining, i.e,(No Graphic Card).

So, by some efforts, at last, i got it & i will show it to you, as a Tutorial.

Step 2: Step 2: Lets Begin!!!

First, you should be able to start the game with a crack & patch or by Activation Key.(From your CD).

So, Go to the GTA IV directory: (default)

C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/

And follow me..

Step 3: Plan

In the folder, check whether you have a file named as:


If not, create one text document, not using any Microsoft Office Word, or any other.

Right click, go to "New", and Text Document.

Name it the same, "commandline.txt"


Step 4: Plan 2

Then open the one you created or the existing one, commandline.txt

paste this into the Text Document:

-width 640
-height 480 -refreshrate? 75 -novblank -texturequality 1 -renderquality 0 -viewdistance 0 -detailquality 0 -shadowdensity 0 -nomemrestrict -availablevidmem 4.0 -norestrictions -percentvidmem 100 -noprecache -safemode -fullscreen -framelimit 100 -Noswapdelay -Managed -Usedirectinput -Waterquality 0 -Waterreflectionquality 0 -Reserve 0.1 -ReservedApp 0.5 -Forcer2vb -DX10 / High -Minspecaudio -Shadowresolution 640 -Reflectionresolution 640 -No_3GB

After pasting it, open GTA IV with your game application,

Now, you can see the particles and visible display..