Introduction: GTAV Santa Mask

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This time I used a model to make a face paint! I made him into the Santa mask from GTAV! So much fun. Please like the video if you liked it and subscribe to my youtube page to support me so I can continue to make body art!

Step 1: Sketch

I took a white eyeliner and sketch out where the facial hair I was adding was going to meet his real facial hair. =)

Step 2: Foundation

Taking a very paint foundation I covered his face where there was no facial hair being added. Then I took a translucent powder and covered the foundation.

Step 3: Reshaping the Nose

Taking a contouring pallet I started reshaping the nose to look more like the mask in gta. I made his nostrils bigger and added almost a circle on the tip of the nose.

Step 4: Rose Red!

Taking a hot pink eye shadow from NYX ultimate eye shadow pallet and I placed it on the nose, I also grabbed some red from that pallet and blended it in.

Step 5: Cheeks

I rounded out his cheek with that same contour pallet.

Step 6: More Cheeks

I used the same pink and red to rosy up the cheeks and make them look more Santa like.

Step 7: LINES

Because it is a video game character I decided I wanted lines in the mask. I took black from wolfe effects and outlined the lines I made with the contour.

Step 8: More Shadowing

Taking some black eye shadow I deepened the shadowing. I also added more brown where I felt it needed it.

Step 9: Eyes

I took the white eyeliner to map out whee the mask holes will be. I then took brown contour again and added eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles.

Step 10: White Hair

I used white body paint from diamond effects to add a hair flip from the top of the head, I also added white onto his brows, I then added white into all his facial hair.

Step 11: Hair Detail

I used a red brown eye shadow to add hair texture in all the hair I painted.

Step 12: More

I just kept adding more detail

Step 13: Shadowing the Eye Holes

Taking the same brown and black shadows I went around the opening of the eye holes.

Step 14: Random

I added black lines to anything I thought needed it, I also added the stash in the same way I did the rest of the hair. And topped it of with a hat!

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