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in this instructable i will teach you how to make a free kill-switch just like bucket head!! definition of kill switch the real definition of a kill switch is a button that cuts off the sound thats traveling through the pickups well this is the exact opposite it makes the sounds when you push a button!!! oh yeah this is the safest way on instructable's right now this does not involve you taken apart any thing or buying any thing thats why its absolutely positively free. (this involves a technique in d-pad strumming)

Step 1: SUPPLIES!!!

1. a guitar hero guitar (this only works for xbox 360).
2. a xbox 360
3. a copy of guitar hero 3 for xbox 360
4. some patience.

Step 2: Step One!

1. put your xbox 360 version of guitar hero 3 in your xbox 360 console.

Step 3: Step 2!

2. you load the game and go to the main menu and go to quick play career mod or multiplayer (if your with a friend)

Step 4: Get Out Your Patience!

some people might ask. why will i need patience?
for the people who asked that this uses a technique called d-pad strumming.
d-pad strumming is when you use the d-pad to strum.
its very easy to do once you get the hang of it.
all you have to do is press the d-pad and the note when your suppose to just like when your normally playing.
if you have any questions please contact me at thank you for viewing this instructable.