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Introduction: GUITAR STAND From It's Own Box

Howest Industrial Design Center assignment:

Work with cardboard packaging to make a product that gives extra value to the product the box is protecting.



People like music. Many people play the guitar for example.

Now, after purchasing maybe your very first guitar, you also need a stand to keep it on when out of use.

But when you just spend all of your money on the guitar, there might not be enough left for the stand.

This could lead to faster damaging of the instrument, and it will just lay around.

But what if i showed you a way to make your own SELFMADE, FREE and CUSTOMISABLE guitar stand?

In this instructable i show you how to make a guitar or ukelele stand MADE FROM THE BOX YOU BOUGHT IT IN!

a SELFMADE, FREE and CUSTOMISABLE guitar stand you can make in about UNDER 30 MINUTES!

I specifically made a box for an ukelele, but as a guitar box is the same shape but only larger, the proces is equal.


- Utility Knife

- 2 split pens

-> iff you don't have split pens, tape will do

Step 1: Make the FRONT

Here we are going to make the front of the stand.

1. Take the top of the guitar box.

2. Cut out the profile you want your stand to have. Make sure the bottom can still support the guitar.

3. Make the sides long enough so they cover each other when folded down. the instrument will be more protected with these 3 layers.

! Don't throw away the rest of the cartboard of this step, as you'll still need it for another part !

Step 2: Make the BACK

Here we take the bottom side of the box to create the backside of the stand.

Put your instrument in for a first preview of your final result.

Now you can decide the shape of the back.

In this example I made it a little diagonal in purpose of having a more dynamic result.

1. Make the sides of the backside a little shorter than where the flaps of the frontside begin. This is for an aesthetic reason.

2. Cut away the rest of the sides an the top sides.

3. Fold the top down at the angle you want.

4. Fold it over the bottom for more support, then cut of the overlaying end.

5. Make a vertical cut from the center, about 1/2 of the height to where the top has been folded.

This will be the entrance for the support.

Step 3: Make the SUPPORT

In this fase, take the rest of the front part you have left from STEP 1.

1. Cut out the biggest possible rectangle you can recover from the front, with the height of the cut in the backside from STEP 3 as the base of the rectangle.

2. Fold it in half.

Now you can throw away the leftovers of the cartboard ;)

Step 4: Make the CONNECTION

This step is simply putting the 3 pieces together.

1. Take the folded support and put it with the open sides through the cut in the backside.

2. Fold over the side so the support is locked.

3. Put down the top flap of the backside again, so the support is hidden.

4. Use the split pens to connect the frontside with the backside.

Be sure to go through all (3) layers. Just 2 split pens will do for this Ukelele stand, but maybe a guitar stand will recuire a few more or bigger pens or maybe here is when tape comes in handy.

5. Fold in the sides of the frontside.

6. Your SELFMADE, FREE and CUSTOMISABLE guitar stand is ready for use !

Step 5: Make It HAPPEN


The weight of the guitar holds everything in place.

I made a second one, where the front is more cut out.

You really can play with the form, as long as you keep the bottom and the back supported enough.

I think the result is very FUNCTIONAL and PLEASANT,

regarding it's made from the free packaging cartboard from the guitar you paid for in the first place.

Have fun making your own FREE and CUSTOMISABLE guitar stand!

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7 years ago

I knew I was saving those ukulele boxes for a reason! Thanks.


7 years ago

Very Creative ☺