Introduction: Gain a Sixth Sense Feel Electicity Without Shocking Yourself

This instructable is pretty simple and it is my first. With it you will be able to feel the electricity running from the wall to any thing or feel around a light switch to see if it is on I know its pretty useless buts its fun, tingly and u probably have everything you need already. So lets get started.

Step 1: Find a Magnet

So first you need to find a good small strong magnet I broke up a hardrive magnet and it worked pretty good but you could use any things the ones in the picture would be perfect.

Step 2: Glue the Magnet to Your Finger

I used super glue I know your thinking wont that be painful well don't use a lot of glue or you can put a peace of tape on your finger and glue the magnet to the tape, but don't tape the magnet to your finger because that doesn't transfer the vibrations good enough and you cant feel it.

Step 3: GO Feel Some Wires!

now you can go and put your finger near some wires to see if you can feel the electricity flowing through the wires. here is a link to were i originally found the idea. link i adapted there idea to make it less painful so there you go.