Introduction: Galápagos Island


My project is about the galapagos island, I chose galapagos because last year I went and it was very beautiful, I made a giant galapagos turtle, for the tail I used a paraboloid for the legs and the head I used a half sphere and for the shell I used a diamond I'm still not very good at using tinkercad but I'm trying to learn how to use it better.

Step 1: First Step

Making this turtle is very easy.

Find the diamond and change the color to brown.

Step 2: ​Second Step

Find the half sphere put 4 and change the color to green.

Step 3: ​Third Step

Look for the paraboloid and change it to green

Step 4: ​Fourth Step

Put the shapes together in a way that looks like a turtle

Step 5: Last Step (optional)

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