Introduction: Galaxian - C++ Game

Excerpt from project report:

"The goal of this project is to design a functional Galaxian game for the PC using C++ and the SFML 2.1 library. The domain is broken down into  three different parts, each representing a role that is implemented in its own class and sub-classess. The logic layer consists of the manipulation of all the visible game objects and their implementation classes . An input/output class is used to interface with the data layer consisting of a text file containing the game high-score. The visual graphics class is used to draw game objects to the visual interface of the game. An object-orientated solution using these classes creates an easily adaptable framework. The main criticism of this solution is that an inheritance-based design is only used in the graphical layer. Future improvements to the game are additional space-ship lives, a moving background, extra levels and more powerUps."

Key words: Software Project, Galaxian, C++, SFML 2.1, Object Orientation

The game is intended to work on windows only. Ive attached the documentation  as well as the source code and game executables.
To play the game, download the zip file "" , unzip the folder, and double click on "galaxion.exe".

The whole project was coded over a short period of time so as far as oo programming is concerned, it may not be the best example. It s however a good basis for one who is interested in attempting a game in c++.

Required to develop this game:

A Windows based PC.
A Windows IDE and compiler such as CodeBlocks.
A lot of time.

Required to run this game:

A Windows based PC

Tutorial on setting up the SFML Library:

Here is a good source which helped me out quite a bit.