Introduction: Galaxy Board

In this Instructable, we will make a galaxy painted board with LEDs!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you want to use can vary, but here is what I used.

Wood board (OSB 12”x21”)
Blue, purple, black, and white spray paint
White, LEDs

Step 2: Step 2

You want to drill (13/64 inch) holes into the board so you can thread the LEDs through. This will be easier to do before you paint so you don’t accidentally ruin the paint.
*Make sure you space the holes so the LEDs aren’t too far apart! (If they are, you can put a piece of scotch tape over the incorrect hole and paint over it)*

Step 3: Paint!

Normally, when you paint, you want to start with the lighter colors first. But with this project, starting with the darker colors will allow them to overlap and show through a little. Start by spray painting the whole board black. Then, add your galaxy (with the darkest colors first!). Leave pleanty of time for the paint to dry, and do multiple layers of each color.
*How many layers you do is preferable. What ever you like!*
For the smaller white stars, you can use a blow/scatter paint method.

Step 4: Light It Up!

Then, we want to add the finishing touch! I found a string of lights that were just used for decor (seen in pictures). You want to put each LED into the holes you drilled so they can light up and act like stars themselves!

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