Introduction: Galaxy Candles

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These glittery, fully-functional candles use an underwater method to get their space-like structure.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You'll need:

A base candle for each candle you choose to make (small pillar candles with a bit of height work best)

Assorted candle wax, preferably in blue, black, and purple (or you can purchase dye to color the candles however you need)

Knife or scissors to break apart candles

Various glass jars


A big metal bowl filled with water

Jar lids to hold candles

Step 2: Prepare Wax

Remove the wicks of the candles you intend on melting by slicing off the metal disk at the bottom of each. If you give them a tug, the wicks should easily come out.

Break the wax into smaller chunks and separate into different jars based on color. I used one jar for black, one for pink (this would become purple after I dye it), and white (dyed later to be blue).

Step 3: Melt Wax

I tried a lot of methods for melting the wax, ranging from melting it directly in the pot (ruins the pot) and microwaving (the wax explodes). I found the best way to melt the wax is by simmering water in various pots and placing the jars in the water. This keeps the wax from coming in direct contact with the pot and melts it slowly.

When the water comes to a simmer, place

Make sure the jars you use are heat-tempered glass, or at least be sure to keep a close eye on the pots. I had no issues with this, but if exploding jars are a concern, just be careful.

Step 4: Attach Base Candles to Lid

Once the wax has melted, move quickly. First, dip the bottom of each candle in the hot wax to glue it to the lid. The lid acts as a base for the candle while we form the rest of it.

Step 5: Dye Wax and Add Glitter

Stir candle dye and/or glitter into each of the jars until each are colored to your choosing. I bought a mini glitter kit and used silver, white, black, and purple glitter.

Step 6: Pour Wax and Form Candles

This is when you start forming the candles.

Submerge each of the base candles into the cold water. Carefully pour the hot wax over the surface of the candle while it is in the water. It may sound strange, but it has stunning results.

As soon as the wax comes in contact with the candle, pull the whole thing underwater so the wax can harden. As it cools, it forms lots of galaxy-like shapes. This process is a bit difficult to describe, so be sure to look at the photos as a guide.

Continue around the candle, alternating between different colored wax. Make sure not to cover the candle wick so you can still light it.

The wax cools as soon as it hits the water, but because it is hot wax, be very careful when pouring. Always pour to the opposite side of the candle and never pour it directly over your hand. If you want to be extra careful, you can wear gloves or use tongs to hold the candle.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Once the candles are cool, they can be used as a decorative piece or lit like a regular candle. However, they melt easily and lose their shape when lit, so I would do so only sparingly.

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