Introduction: Galaxy Doodled Display Board !!

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Hey guys!

My school started a week back and I am in for a really busy and hectic year. So I decided to make this really pretty and decorative display board where I can put small memos with my assignments and home-works so I never miss the deadline. But I am really not organized. I just can't follow a timetable or organize my deadlines.So I made it in such a way that it looks really cool even without anything inside (because it's gonna be empty most of the time for me!! XD)

You can also use it to display photos, quotes, news paper clipping or just about anything!

Its a very simple project and takes hardly an hour to finish. It is even a cool gifting option for friends and family (or anyone else actually)

Lets get into it!

Step 1: Materials

What you need for this project:

  1. 1 white sheet of paper: I used Bustro watercolour paper. You can use cardstock or any thick paper. You can even stick white printing paper onto cardboard and use it.
  2. 1 OHP sheet: OHP stands for Over Head Projector sheet. Its basically a really thin and transparent plastic sheet. It is widely available in all stationary stores.
  3. Purple, dark blue, light blue, pink, white and black acrylic paints: As I didn't have pink, I just mixed red with white. The exact colours I used were light violet, Prussian blue, sky blue, and crimson along with white and black from the company hobbyideas.

  4. White gelly roll pen: I bought it from a stationary store. The company is called Sakura. You can find it online as well. Here is one link:

  5. Brushes
  6. Sponge: I used car cleaning sponge.
  7. Old toothbrush

That's about it! Let's get started!

Step 2: Galaxy Background

This is a really simple technique which yields amazing results! You can use the same technique for making galaxy design everywhere and anywhere. For example you can make galaxy nail art, galaxy printed clothes.. etc.


  1. First cover the entire sheet with the black paint. You may be wondering why we didn't start with use a black coloured sheet from instead. That is because when you paint, the black isn't even through out. Some part (with more water) will be duller in comparison to some parts where the paint it more thick. This uneven distribution makes the space look much more natural.
  2. Now tear a small part of the sponge and dip it into the dark blue. Then just dab! Make a few ovals all around the sheet. Don't over do it. You will realize that the first few dabs will be darker as the sponge has more paint. After the paint slightly lightens, dab around the oval so as to blend it into the black. It should look like the {} photo
  3. Now take the light blue and another piece of sponge. Repeat the above dabbing process again. Just add the the light blue near the darker shade. But don't cover it completely.
  4. Similarly, Add the purple and then the pink. It really is fun isn't it?
  5. Now take the white paint on either the cap of the bottle or a palette and dilute the paint with a bit of water. Then dip the toothbrush into the paint.
  6. Now hold the handle of the brush with all your fingers like fist but keep the index finger free. Place that finger near the mouth of the brush.
  7. Position the brush near the sheet of paper and pull you index finger along the bristles. This would give a really nice spray texture which will look like stars. Repeat this process do add how many ever stars you want!

Done? Let's work on the second layer.

Step 3: Doodled Layer and Attaching the Layers

This step doesn't required much explanation. If you need some help in 'doodling' in itself check out my other instructables HERE

But apart from that, the process is really easy.


  1. First cut the OHP sheet to the size of the galaxy sheet. Then doodle on the transparent sheet using the white gelly pen.
  2. While doodling, Just make sure there is enough space (space...geddit?) between the lines. This way the background will be visible through the doodles. Mostly the aim of doodling is to cover the maximum sheet with the ink. Here, however, the aim is to make loose and spread out designs so that white of the gel doesn't dominate the background. The last picture compares normal doodling and the doodling in this step.
  3. I doodled along the opposite sides of the sheet. You can choose to do it along all four sides or just the corners...Basically however you want to.
  4. Things to remember:
    • Make sure you don't get too carried away while doodling (I have a tendency to do so!) and then end up covering the entire sheet. Then you won't have the window to put the memos into.
    • Don't rub your hands over the newly doodled areas as the gel will be wet and can wipe off.

That is it! Now we attach both the layers together.


  1. Using your glue stick, apply the gum on three sides of the galaxy sheet.
  2. Gently press the transparent sheet onto it. Make sure that the side with the doodle must be on top and the smooth side should be the one facing the galaxy.

You are done!!! All you have to do now is write your remainders on pieces of paper and then slide it into the gap. To remove it, just turn it around with the opening facing towards the ground and shake. It will right out!!

Step 4: You Are Done!

Congratulations on completing this project!!

This replaced my Niffler tutorial as the simplest 'ible I ever authored. I really hope you liked it and I can't wait to see what you make! Please do share the photos and comment on what you think about this project in the comments.

I hope to see you soon with another project! Till then, see you!



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