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I did this look for a contest called the NYX face awards, I didn't get in! Not surprised haha. Well, what do you think of this? I will try it again some day I think. If you would like to support me then please subscribe at

Step 1: Cover Brows

Taking a washable glue stick I'm going to cover my brows then I'm going to powder it.

Step 2: Base

For the base of this look I'm going to take my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and depot it and put it all over my face. I then took a wet makeup sponge and pat it into the whole face.

Step 3: Set the Eyes

I then took my NYX setting powder and set all around the eye area.

Step 4: Blue

I took this dark blue cream makeup from NYX and used it to contour my cheeks and then also blended it up onto my forehead and temples.

Step 5: Teal

I took this NYX vivid brights eyeliner pot in teal and added some teal to the blue.

Step 6: Pink

I then took this NYX cream makeup in Magenta and added it to the sides of my eyes and up to the temples of my forehead.

Step 7: Brows

I took the teal color and added it to the top of the brows then I took that blue and added it to the rest of the brow area. I used my finger to tap it out.

Step 8: Under Eyes

I took that teal color and added it under the eyes.

Step 9: Lips

I took that teal again and added it to the outer parts of my lips and then took that blue and added it into the center and blended them together.

Step 10: Shadows

I took shadows from the NYX brights pallet and placed them over all the colors. So I took teal for the teal, blue for the blue, and pinks and purples for the magenta parts. This brights out the colors more and also helps set the cream.

Step 11: Eyes

I then took the pink shadow and blended it into the crease of the eyelid.

Step 12: Nose

I took blue and contoured my nose. If you feel like it's too much you can always go over it with white.

Step 13: Highlight

I took this shimmer shadow from NYX called mermaid and used it to highlight my lips, nose, cheeks, and eyelid.

Step 14: Liner

I used a felt liner to make a wing. Then I used the jumbo pencil in Black Bean in my waterline.

Step 15: Stars

I used the NYX liquid liner in white to add dots for stars all over the colored parts.

Step 16: White Details

I used the liner to add details. I outlined my lips, added lines to my nose, added liners under the brow, and added lines on my upper eyelid. I then added 'plus sign' stars around the face.

Step 17: Colored Stars

I used gold and silver lip liner from NYX to add more stars.

Step 18: Lashes

I popped on some fake lashes and then put on some mascara.

Step 19: Body Start

I used the same white jumbo pencil to cover my whole body.

Step 20: Blue, Teal and Pink

I took that same cream blue down my neck and to contour my collarbone. I then added some teal to it and then patted some pink to the back of my neck.

Step 21: Setting

I took the same shadows to set the creams.

Step 22: Drips

I took some white aqua paint from Mehron and added LOTS of water to make it drip down my neck.

Step 23: STARS

I added more stars to the body like I did the face and ALL DONE!

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