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Introduction: Galaxy in a Jar

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This craft is super cool and easy for decoration, gifts..etc. The easiest part is I didn't even need to buy anything! I found it all in my house. So enjoy this craft:)

Step 1: Things You'll Need

-acrylic paint
-glitter(any color)
-plastic cups
-a stirring stick(I used the end of a paint brush)

Step 2: Water

Take 4 or more cups and fill them with water

Step 3: Paint

Take your acrylic paint and put the desired amount into 1 one the cups. Then stir

Step 4: Cont'd

Keep doing that for each cup until you have all your colors in the cups.

Step 5: Jar

Now take your jar out and some cotton balls. Take the cotton balls and stretch them out as shown. Then shove them in the jar.

Step 6: Glitter!

Now take your glitter and sprinkle some on the top of the cotton balls(I used brown glitter)

Step 7: Pour

Take one of the cups and pour it in slowly, you don't have to put all of it in. In this picture I noticed I needed more cotton balls, so I added more. The cotton balls shrink too so keep that in mind.

Step 8: Layer

Now repeat those steps but instead use a different color to pour in. Keep doing that ti'll you get to the top.

Step 9: Finish It

Take a color to fill to the top of the jar to finish it off also with a little glitter;)

Step 10: Extra Glam

If you want it to look prettier take some star wire and wrap it around the jar cap. Then twist and cut it off it the back! Now it looks even more amazing.

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