Introduction: Galaxy Makeup

Step 1: Add Black Eyeshadow

Add it all over the eyelid and make sure its opaque.

Step 2: Add Dark Purple

Add that color down the middle of the eye diagonal from the inner corner of the eye.

Step 3: Add Light Purple

Add light purple next to each side of the dark purple and blend it with the dark purple.

Step 4: Add Medium Blue Color

Add the blue next to the light purple and blend more.

Step 5: Add Silver

Add a little bit of silver down the middle of the dark purple.

Step 6: The Lips!

Add dark purple to your lips.

Step 7: Add Blue

Lightly add blue eyeshadow to the lips.

Step 8: Add Silver

Next add a little bit of silver eyeshadow to your lips!

Step 9: All Done!

You're all done! Now rock your galaxy look! (:

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