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Introduction: Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cream Cake

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Here's what you'll need for the Cream Cake

1 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Butter

2 Eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 1/2 cups Flour

1 3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream

Preheat your oven to 350, and the cake will take 25-30 minutes to bake.

Step 1:

Grease 9'' Cake Pan

Step 2:

Cream Butter and Sugar

Step 3:

Add eggs one at a time

Step 4:

Make sure to scrape sides of bowl and mix until smooth and fluffy

Step 5:

Transfer cake batter into prepared cake pan. The batter will be use a spatula to smooth surface.

Step 6: Preparing Your Cake Board for the Finished Product

I cut my own cake boards using a drywall circle cutter and a crafting knife. Any store bought cake boards will do!

Step 7:

I cover my cake boards with fondant (any commercial fondant will work perfectly fine). I add gel colorant to customize my cakes. Sprinkle cornstarch on your work surface and roll out your fondant until it's smooth and large enough to fit your precut circle. Smooth fondant out (pictured is a smoothing tool) and carefully set on top of the cake circle and the fondant should adhere to the surface (you can put a light coating of shortening to get the fondant to stick as well). Flip board over and using a crafting knife remove excess fondant.

Step 8:

I put a finishing touch to make it special. Using my handy glue gun and shimmering ribbon.

Step 9:

Oh, there is the cake timer! The cake is baked golden brown and fresh from the oven! Mmmmmmm.

Immediately put your fresh baked cake in the freezer. It allows it to cool quickly and works very well with poured mirror glaze.

Step 10: Mirror Glaze

Here's what you'll need

2 Packages of Gelatin

1/3 Cup cold water


1/3 Water + 1 1/2 Tablespoons

1 Cup Sugar

2/3 Corn Syrup

1/2 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 1/4 Cups White Chocolate Chips

Set ingredients aside for now......I know there are lots of steps, but completely worth it!!

Step 11: American Butter Cream

1 1/2 Cups Butter

3/4 Cups Shortening

1 teaspoon Vanilla

2 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

Step 12:

Cream Butter and Sugar (scrape sides of mixing bowl as you go). Slowly incorporate powdered sugar until smooth and creamy.

Step 13:

Cake boards can be purchased at any craft store, however, I cut my own in this instructable. Place your cake board under your completely cooled cake and get ready to start some magic!

Step 14:

I use a professional cake wheel for decorating...but you can definitely get by without one. Smooth your butter cream on the top and sides of your cake. Keep smoothing your cake surface until it is evenly covered and smooth. Place your cake in the freezer again until glazing time.

Step 15: Back to the Mirror Glaze Ingredients

Add water (1/3 cup) and gelatin in a bowl and set aside. This is called "blooming" your gelatin.

Step 16:

Add remaining water, sugar and corn syrup. Set burner to Med-Hi heat with your candy thermometer attachment, stir until the sugar dissolves. The glaze should reach a temperature of about 100 degrees - then you can turn off your burner. Your target temp for pouring glaze should be between 95 - 90 this will buy you some time to get ready for the following steps. Add gelatin, white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk to the mixture. Stir ingredients until it's all combined and incorporated. A whisk works well at this stage.

Step 17:

You can separate your mirror glaze into different colors for your desired effect. I am using gel colorants and gold luster dust for my galaxy cake. You can layer the colors together in one bowl or pour them separately. I love this I have used this both ways.

Step 18:

Set yourself a large pan for glazing with something to prop your cake on in order for the glaze to run over the sides. I use an inverted tub of shortening.

Step 19:

Take your cake from the freezer, set on top of shortening and........

Step 20:

Start pouring your glaze right on top! You can alternate colors and play around with it to get your desired look. The glaze has a short window of time due to temperature, so you'll have to work quickly.

Step 21:

After the glaze has been poured it will drip for about 20-25 minutes until the gelatin sets. Take a spatula and carefully remove the excess glaze for a clean finish.

Step 22:

BEHOLD!! The Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cream Cake!!

Step 23: Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cream Cake

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    5 years ago

    That is too cool! I'm no baker, but I'm mesmerized by the look of this cake.

    Cake Azure
    Cake Azure

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks so much! I am obsessed with this technique, and the great thing is the mirror glaze tastes really good as opposed to a mouth full of fondant. I apprecite your comment :)