Introduction: Galaxy Nails

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What you need... Black, purple, pink, blue, and sparkly Nail polish. Q tips and nail polish remover (cuz you might get nail polish on your fingies and stuff) and cotton balls (I used jumbo size but I don't think it matters) this is my first project!

Step 1: The First Step Thingy

Paint you nails completely black. Make sure they dry before step two.

Step 2:

Take a q-tip. Dip one side in the purple nail polish, and dab it on your nail.

Step 3:

Next, take the other side of the q-tip and dip in in the blue nail polish. Take the pink nail polish and put spots on the blue. Dab your nails again.

Step 4: Almost Done!!

After your nails dry once again, coat your nails with the sparkly nail polish. (For the stars) put nail polish remover on a q-tip and clean your fingers off if you got them dirty. For an even better, shinier look, give your nails a good coating in clear nail polish after they're dry.

Step 5: YAYYY

wait until they dry again. CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR DONE! I hope you liked it!