Introduction: Galaxy Painting

Here are my instructions for a galaxy painting.

Step 1: Paintbrushes

You will need multiple paint brushes, very small to medium size. Try to avoid buying brushes from the dollar store, because they break quite easily and might ruin your art. (I used more than the paintbrushes seen here.)

Step 2: Sponges

For this painting you will only need one sponge. Any type of sponge will work. With your sponge, cut it into six pieces, they do not have to be the same size.

Step 3: Paint

For your paint, you will need either watercolour and/or acrylic paint. For this piece I used watercolour, because it is much faster to dry.

Step 4: Cups or Tins

You will need multiple cups/tins to hold water, so you can clean off your paintbrushes. For this project I used tinfoil tins, which you can get at the dollar store.

Step 5: Canvas

You will obviously need a canvas for your painting, it doesn't matter the size, preferably 12" x 16" though.

Step 6: Get Painting!

Lay out your painting supplies and get to it.

Step 7: Start Off

Start off with getting three of your small sponges a little wet. Then dip one in a light blue. Another in barbie/hot pink, one in dark purple and one in light purple. Once the bottom of your sponges is covered with paint, drag one of the coloured sponges very lightly across the canvas (Does not matter what one you do first, but is prefered to start off with your dark purple.) Then do the same with the light purple. Then pink. Then blue. Make sure the colours are well spread and blended together.

Step 8: More Paint

Let your well blended colours dry. Then use your dark purple sponge and add more to the painting to give it a dark galaxy look. After adding the dark purple on top, you will need a medium sized paint brush. Get it wet and dip it in the white paint. You will need something to put around your painting so the ground doesn't get paint on it (I used paper towel.) Then hold you paint brush tight and flick your wrist towards the painting, it will create a cool looking splatter effect. Keep doing that with your white paint for awhile, then use different colours like pink, black, and blue.

Step 9: Almost Done!!

Then start making a black border around the painting. Feel free to use a ruler, although I did it free hand. After making your border, start drawing your planets, I drew the sun, saturn (with a pink ring,) pluto and the moon, but you can draw whatever planets you choose. Let your planets dry and fix up anything that you couldn't fix while it was wet.

Step 10: You're Done

After your planets, you can either leave it the way it is- or you can add lyrics onto it like I did. I thought it needed a little bit more to it. After your lyrics? You're done!