Introduction: Galaxy Scarves With Tumble Dye Paints

We have always wanted to visit the Medusa Nebula in person but despite all our attempts the "Doctor" has not shown up with the TARDIS, so we just had to figure out a way to bring the galaxies to us. We opted for a method that doesn’t require bleaching, so it is safe for everyone.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!


Tumble Dye Tie-dye - we used #3, #5, #10, #33, #34, #59, #61 and #76

Cotton Scarves - we used #CS15 and #CS27

Mist Sprayer with Water: #MS3

Lumiere #LN2 - #568 Pearlescent White (#563 and #567 would also be great)

Step 2: Prepare Your Scarves and Workspace

Be sure to pre-wash your scarves so that there is nothing to impede the dye from being absorbed.

Cover your workspace with newsprint or some plastic as this is going to get a bit messy (in the best way of course!)

If your scarves are not still damp from pre-washing, lay them out and give them a good spritz with the water in the mist sprayer - they just need to be slightly damp.

Step 3: Scrunch It Up and Spray It Down!

Scrunch up the first scarf and grab the #3 Blueberry paint. Give it a quick shake to mix the paint (no need to go crazy - this isn’t aerosol) and do a test spray over some paper or a trashcan to get the paint flowing.

Holding the spray nozzle 6-8 inches over the scarf and the top of the fabric, spray until the top of the folds look covered. We are not trying to make all the fabric blue, so don’t worry about getting deep down in the folds.

Step 4: Time for the Second Color

Unscrunch the scarf and take a look at what you have. Re-scrunch the scarf so that mostly white areas are at the top of your folds and spray again with the #10 Charcoal. We went over things to make sure we got some darker areas as this will be the black empty space. Open up the scarf and decide if you want more black areas and spray where you want it to be darker.

Step 5: Add Some Color to Your Galaxy

For the rest of the spraying we left the scarf just slightly scrunched so the unevenness would contribute to the texture. It is up to you if you want to flatten it out more. Since we have added so much dark color, grab the #5 Yellow next, get the paint flowing and then add in some bright yellow highlights. Then work in some of the #33, #34, #59, and #61. Don’t be afraid to overlap colors a little bit. You can use the water to go back and help blend areas if you want them to be softer.

Step 6: Seeing Stars!

Lastly, grab your #76 Glitter Silver. This one is a bit thicker and to get the star effect that we wanted we found it better to spray out over the fabric vs down onto it. Spritz on some star trails, turn your scarf and spray from different sides. Don’t go too crazy, less is more and you can always paint in some stars with Lumiere later.

Repeat for any and all other scarves, paint a multiverse!

Step 7: Finishing Up

Let your scarves dry. This will take a while, but you can always help speed it along with a hair dryer. Once it is dry, set the paints by tumbling in a hot dryer for 20 minutes or iron with a hot iron on the cotton setting. We like to tumble and then iron because we are obsessive like that. Hand wash with cool water and a bit of Dharma Professional Textile Detergent then iron again to get the wrinkles out.

Now if you don’t feel like you have enough stars or comets, grab that Lumiere and put a few more stars in the sky. Let it dry and iron the areas you painted

Step 8: Go Out and Rock the Cosmos!

Your scarf is ready to take you to the far reaches of the galaxy! Or at least to Comic Con.

Live long and prosper, may the force be with you and oh wait! I think I hear the TARDIS!