Introduction: Galifrayn Nails

So I decided to paint my nails with a doctor who theme, I couldn't make up my mind exactly how to do it so I used a range of things and now I've made an instructable This is my first try making one of these and with this nail art design so please tell me if anything isn't clear You will need: Toothpick At bunch of different coloured nail polishes of your choice, most of the patterns work best if theres a higher contrast. I used dark blue, light blue, pink, gold, white, red and glittery nail polish Clear nail varnish Black felt tip pen Something for fixing edges ( I use an old towel) Paper and pencil also come I handy

Step 1: Design

You need to create your design before you paint your nails I used a fan made galifrayn alphabet I found online to write my name as well as some classic symbols from the show (tardis, DW logo, darlik, fez, bowtie, gas mask, sonic screwdriver) and I made some space for my pinky Practice drawing your designs with pencil and paper, simple designs with thick lines work best (like the logo) The designs that worked best for me were the gas mask, the sonic screwdriver, the galaxies, the DW logo and the galifrayn. Pretty much everything but the darlik and the fez.

Step 2: Painting

For the darlik, T.A.R.D.I.S, DW and galifrayn designs: Paint your nails with your first colour which will end up as the detail Wait until it is completely 100% dry When it is dry (completely) apply top coat, While this is still wet etch in design with toothpick For one of the space/galaxies: Pain a blue or black base coat. Then add dabs of sparkly nail polish, works best if you have several different kinds or colours of sparkles, I used pink, purple and uncoloured sparkles For the fez, gas-mask, Bowtie and screwdriver: Paint a base coat, I used white for the mask and dark blue for everything else The bowtie was just two red triangles For the gas ask I made a circle with a line going down(I used blue cos I don't have black) and etched our the eye and mouth circles with a toothpick For the fez I made a red square and then used a black marker for the tassels after it had dried (because I didn't have black nail polish, otherwise I would have done that) I used light blue for the screwdriver, I made a wobbly line and drew in details with a marker after it dried For the other galaxy: I ain't ends blue base again and then I used a makeup sponge to apply white, green, pink and gold over the top, I then sponged a big more blue as I overdid the other colours When your nails are dry, cover them with a coat of clear varnish to protect the patterns Wait till it dries then show off :)