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Introduction: Galileo 3D Printer RepRap

The 3D printer Galileo is a 3d printer open source made by Team Kent's Strapper .It' s a derivated work from the model of the RepRap Prusa from which the movement of the axes X, Y, Z but have been substantial changes that have allowed achieve greater print area and a lower cost of implementations


1 Index
2 The Premises
2.1 Bigger Dimension
2.2 Cheaper Structure
2.3 Open Design
3 Benefits of the model:

The Premises

The RepRap Prusa has an intuitive design and a system of simple and easy assembly, the plastic parts that make up the structure are easy to handle and require no great difficulty in mounting them with the mechanical structure, and allow to obtain results even without linear bearings and other benefits . The final structure is solid and makes it easy to transport thanks to low weight.

Bigger Dimension

The first step was to increase the size of printable area.La structure has been developed in such a manner so as to have more space to print.

Cheaper Structure

Another significant change has affected the mechanical structure of the new printer.It was find a new structure that could use a smaller number of pieces and always have a solid one .Similar to the mechanical also plastic parts have also been modified where possible or completely renovated. all this has led to savings in economic terms but also in terms of time required to assemble the printer itself

Open Design

The structure of the new printer is made to have an open design that allow subsequent changes in every part, also the X-cart which moves the extruder-it was so designed as to be universal and can be used with any type of extruder .The 'print area is easily accessible for a heated bed or in order to analyze the subject in print a

Benefits of the model:
Quick and easy to assemble Model
Spare plastic Intuitive: easy to assemble and print
Number less than threaded rods
Number less than smooth bars
Amount less hardware
Belts shorter
Open Design
Extruder in view
X-Cart is compatible with all types of extruders available
Printing area easily accessible
Print the objects in view

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Step 1: Required Parts

The Plastics Parts are made of:

Green Block':

    2 x Z Motor Mount
    4 x Giunto Motore

White Block:

    4 x Blocca Barra
    1 x Supporto Motore XZ
    1 x Porta Cuscinetto 608
    1 x Supporto XZ
    2 x Supporto cuscinetto 608 XZ

Red Block:

    2 x Piede
    2 x Vertice Basso
    2 x Vertice Alto
    2 x Bushing
    1 x Carrello X
    4 x Barclamp
    4 x Beltclamp
    2 x Puleggie T5 8 denti
    1 x Supporto Motore Y
    3 x Endstop

You can download all the parts here or send an email to to buy it

Threated Rods :

    4x M8x300mm
    4x M8x420 mm barre
    1x M8x470mm
    1x M8x50mm threaded

Smooth Rod:

    2x 8mmx440mm barra liscia
    2x 8mmx390mm barra liscia


    12 M3x20 bolt
    3 M3 x 15bolt
    70 nut M8
    8 washer M8
    3 wahser M8 x 30
    4 x M3 x 40bolt
    4 springs M3
    32 washer M3
    32 nut M3
    9 x M3x25 bolt
    2x M3x 30 bolt
    11 x M3 x 10 bolt
    6xM4 nut
    xM4 x 20  bolt
   2 x screw M3 x 10


    1x 840mmx5mm T5 pitch timing cinghia -misure standard prusa mendel-
    1x 1380mmx5mm T5 pitch timing cinghia -misure standard prusa mendel-


    4 x 608 ZZ bearings

Step 2: Assembly It!! Step 1

you can view the first step here

Step 3: Step 2

Here the video of step 2:

Step 4: Step 3

Here the video of step 3:

Step 5: Step 4

Here the video for the step 4

Step 6: Step 5

Here the video for the step 5:

Step 7: Step 6

You can find the tutorial here

Step 8: Step 7

Here the video for step 7:

Step 9: Step 8

Here the video for step 8

Step 10: Step 9

Here the video fort step 9

Step 11: Step 10

Here the video for step 10:

Step 12: The Last Step 11

this is the last step, here the video for the 11 :

Step 13: And Now Print!!

So you have build a Galileo 3d printer and now you can print!!

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5 years ago

hey guys i have Mendel rip rap printer here, the thing is the computer doesn t recognize it's usb, question: do i need to download a driver? any suggestion ...


7 years ago

Ciao, grazie per l'informazione (-:. Voglio sapere quanto costa queste progetto?


8 years ago

How much did this cost?


8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for being patient with all of us that "need the parts" sending an E-mail now. Thanks for the tutorial and all your help.


8 years ago on Introduction

nice design! googling around I found another website that has it

I have a mendel myself!


9 years ago on Introduction

I like mrmath's comment about not needing it. I am pretty liberal on my tool build and buy budget - if I 'need' it. Tools usually pay for themselves the first time you use them - instead of buying finished goods or paying for services - and it's fun. That said, I am really looking for reasons to 'need' a 3d printer!
Everyone, keep posting the stuff you have 'printed'. One of these will be a need for sure.

And, Great instructable.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

I guess that realistically, it would also be limited by the type of plastic that could be used in the printer. Not all plastic is up to all tasks. I'm not sure you could print a spatula that wouldn't melt in a frying pan.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

There are plenty of needs for a 3d printer. Theoritically, anything you use that is made of plastic can be printed. Realistically it is controlled by the printable area of the printer. The video at shows how they are making coat hooks. You could make toys for your children, items for the bathroom (I originally thought about a toothbrush then thought about the issue with the bristles), parts for larger projects, building blocks, etc. Of course, it does come down to the cost of driving to the store to buy an item compared to the cost of printing/raw materials. Why take an hour to print a comb when I can buy a package of the for $0.97 at the store? As someone who likes to build things, I am definitely feeling the desire to build one to make additions to my projects. Or imagine printing that costume part for your kid's halloween costume. Who just became the coolest dad on the block?

Of course, this is my opinion and reasoning for getting one. Your's may vary.


9 years ago on Introduction

I want something like this really badly, but two things keep me from doing it. First, I don't have anything I want or need to build with it, I just think it's cool. Second, since I don't really have a use for it, I can't justify the cost of it. But it would be AWESOME to have one.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

How much does this cost? I can't seem to find an estimate anywhere


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

I don't know about this one in particular... but the cheapest 3D printer I've found was the Huxley for around 450 + tax + shipping from Europe to Canada... so quite expensive....


9 years ago on Introduction

Is there a place we can buy these plastic parts?


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Hi yes you can send an email to


9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks to everybody for the post,more thing can be view on the blog
:) :)