Introduction: GalileoHome

If you want to build your own home automation you will have to build at least one of our projects in the collection After setting up everything you are able to control a lot of things with your smart phone. We have instructions to make your door more smart. So it opens automatically, when you are close enough to it. Or for example an clever fan, that gives you fresh air when it is getting hot. Therefor you may download our app for iOS or Android. For more information, visit the front-end page

You will find any software or documents to build this at:

Step 1: What Hardware Will You Need

For this project you will need at least these pieces of hardware. Of course you will need much more in case you are planing to create some extensions:

  • 1 Intel Galileo Gen 2
  • 1 micro SD Card with at lease 2 GB size
  • 1 Ethernet cable

It is hardly recommended to have access to a 3D printer and some electronic components. For some projects your must be able to solder.

Step 2: Bringing It All Together

First step is to set up a server onto your Galileo. Therefor you should follow this instructable ( After that you should install the smart phone app and test whether it connects to the server correctly. Otherwise you may use the web application installed with the server. Just type in the IP address of your server into your browser.

Step 3: Make Your System

And now it is up to you. Select one of our projects in the collection and build it. After that you will have to prepare the SD card for the Galileo in the same way as you did for the server. If the Galileo of the project is the same as the server, you will not have to change anything. Otherwise the config file at /etc/m3config must be set to non server.

Last step is to upload the Sketch. Therefor just open the Arduino IDE and load the Sketch from git. Change the IP address and set it to the one of your server. Compile and upload it and everything should be running.