Introduction: Game Board, Picture Frame

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Game Board, Picture Frame
A while back our local super market had a promotion on Star Wars where you collected character cards and once you had the whole collection you could buy a game board, but the issue was the game board in reality was just a double sided poster with the board on one side and Star Wars poster on the other.

I wanted to make it that the board will last a little longer than a few weeks or months... So I decided to frame it.

The first thing I did was cut some 4.5mm clear acrylic down to the size I needed on the table saw and put these a side.

I the had a mahogany head board that I had already planned down cut three strips at 40mm wide. Why three well they were long enough to get the four pieces I need for make the frame.

Now my table saw can not take a dado stack so I then set the table saw with a feather board and make multiple cuts to get a nice dado. I am continuously checking the width with we acrylic I cut.

Once I get the final cut on the dado I use a chisel to clean out any excess. I the take to the mitre saw and cut the four pieces to a rough length. You need to get the two sides the same length and the top and the bottom the same length then if the cut is at 45 then you will always get nice mitres.

I takes me a couple of goes to get the length I want and ge a nice fit around the edge. The Bosch Mitre saw cuts at a perfect 45 degree out of the box so I have no complaints.

I then glue the ends put the frame together around the the acrylic and game board...I use a band clamp and this help keeps everything square. I use quick clamps on the corners to help keep the flush and stop from moving while I tighten the band clamp.

While it is drying I put a picture hanger on the game board side so it can hang on a wall showing the Star Wars poster.

Once dry I quickly sand on the corners to make nice and flush and then a clear spray lacquer is applied.

A pretty simple build but finishes the game board of and frames a picture all in one.

Video can be watched here