Game Boy Survival Pack




Introduction: Game Boy Survival Pack

Hello guys I was just really bored and put this together. I didnt design this for use as a 100% independent survival kit. I put this together for a BOB bag, or something to grab when you go hiking. Also, this is just what I had around the house. (Went to dollar tree today)

For this I have used an old Game Boy case.


Added a whisp for some hygiene

Sorry for pics being crappy

Step 1: GBSK: First Aid

I have done an instructable on 3 diffrent kinds of first aid kits you could use, but I have decided to use this one.

Step 2: GBSK: Big Pocket

For the biggest pocket I have include the first aid scissors I have recently gotten in there, my sharpening stone, a hygiene I put together, Fire starter kit, and a pretty good reel out of the jerky chew container.

If you would like an instructable on any let me know!

Step 3:

In the side pockets I put my knives. I have a multi-tool and fixed blade. I know there not great, and I am looking to get new ones.

In the front pocket is just the pocket edition SAS survival kit in a ziplock bag. ((forgot to take a pic)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have this same bag! its on my bike as an emergency kit. It has almost everything... except a bike pump or anything for me bike... XD