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It was brought to my attention that GreenCub makes these Game Cubes from recycled parts. If you don't have a gamecube to recycle, go to this website, he makes several different designs of office organizers from recycled video game products. - We did do the exact same thing as him, practically, the reason being was receiving an e-mail with drawings of what a subscriber on Youtube wanted us to build, we didn't even take the time do do the research: Lesson Learned, Always do your research before each project!

Alright So lets get this thing started!

If you have a Game Cube laying around the house and all it's doing is collecting dust, then this is the project you need. It's going to give your new Game Cube "1up" An extra life/purpose. You will be able to take it to the office, dorm, or use it as your general desk organizer!

Below you can watch the video and enjoy it whit out having to read all about it, otherwise, you can go and read the next step! hope you enjoy this project about as much as we did :)

Step 1: Taking It Apart!

For one reason or another, Nintendo decided to make this project extremely difficult...

First off, you need to take the network lids off the bottom part of the cube, you will use these for secret compartments later on,

Then for ANOTHER reason, Nintendo added special screws, and some tape/glue to just make this cube impenetrable :/ but with the right tool (a 6 sided screw bit) like this * got the job done. 

There are 4 screws one on each of the four corners, total and that opens up the entire system :)

Once inside you are met with the Disk Reader, and the two walls

1) game ports
2) rear connections

Step 2: Getting the Connections Out!

The first two things are actually fairly easy to remove, you take the Back wall off by simply lifting it off, and then you take the controller port off by removing the ribbon in the front of the cube... BAM! you're off to the next step!

Step 3: Removing the First Layer

Okay the first layer is the hardest one to remove, you have several screws located around the entire upper layer of the cubes exterior edges that you need to remove, and half of those screws (due to wear and tear) have almost solidified into the system which makes them close to impossible to remove.

Once they have been removed you will be met with.... YOU GUESSED IT! more screws *go to the next step* :/

Step 4: Removing the Second Layer!

Okay after removing the first layer, you are met with the Heat Shield...and 6 screws....

Using STRONG force you will have to pull away at the shield, since Nintendo decided that it would be nice to use adhesive throughout the entire bottom part of the shield....

Then after removing the shield.... More Screws came up ... *where do they keep coming from!!!?*

Step 5: Bottom Layer

Finally once you get to the Bottom Layer, you have to remove 2 screws located in the middle of the platform :) and this will be the LAST set of screws you have to remove !

Once removed you will find several pieces of Metal just sitting there... un-screwed ... next to the walls.... resting to be removed.

When they have been removed, then you need to clear out the Large pieces of Plastic (the ones used to hold the top layer together) off, you can use pliers to break them off, or you can sand them down... either way you need to make sure this surface is smooth since this will be the Layer that holds your Drawer down :)

Step 6: Working on the First Layer :P

Okay, now we have to work on the top Layer, this is actually the longest procedure:

You need to open up the lid of the Game Cube, once you do, then you need to flip it over and locate the "power" and the "reset" button and remove them by pressing the butterfly parts off the buttons.

Once the buttons have been removed, then you can sand down the Reset and the Power buttons to make them hollow.

Afterwards, you will need to locate the Disk loader and you will take that whole assembly apart, you do this by removing the rubber stoppers from the edge of the reader and you will find a second part of the compartment.

With this compartment you will gain an extra 1/2 of an inch to the upper portion of this compartment. Since there is a large hole in the upper part of the lid, you will need to cover this up using a plastic mold.

This can be created out of several types of plastics including an old game box.

FINALLY you need to glue the bottom part of the compartment and the upper part of the compartment....

Step 7: Getting the Layers Together !

At the very part of the cube you have 3 secret compartments! :)

you need to put them back together and have everything ready and back in order.

Place the secret compartments together, and put the game cube back together MINUS the controller ports.

Step 8: Getting the Control Ports!

You need to take the controller ports and sand down the edges of the port in order to help them fit into the game cube.  Test the front of the game cube and see if the port moves freely between the inside of the cube.

Step 9: Finishing the Cube!

Okay, finally you need to add a small box that fits in the front of the cube, attach this to the back of the game port and test to see if the box moves in freely.

Also on the side of the cube near the Fan Vents attach a magnet to hold the paper clips :) or anything metallic

Step 10: Finished Product!!

And you are finally ready to test this out!

Take it out to the office and fill up the compartments

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