Introduction: Game Dice 3D Printer

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This is how to print your own dice for game.

You need :

- 3D printer

- 3D pen

- 2 colors filament

- CURA Software and a computer

You could find this on CULTS.


Step 1: Regarding the File

Here you could find the STL file of the Dice.

Some pictures for show you on design software.

Step 2: Preparing Print File

You need to convert STL file with Cura, you could choose your own size. 10% is for a little dice 2cm for each side.

Step 3: Print File

Now it's time for print the dice.

It's depend of the size but for 2cm side it's a quickly print.

210°C for nozzle and 70°C for the bed with 0.2mm layer.

Step 4: Prepare the Dice

Now just fill the holes in the faces with the 3d pen.

Once done, sand more and more fine until you get a smooth surface.

Plastic will have a white appearance, just heat with a lighter, but not too much to get a perfect color.

Step 5: Time to Play

You have this kind of dice now.

It's time for playing with this.

Print 5 dice and play Yahtzee with your familly.

Print 3 dice for 421 game.

Print 2 dice for craps game.

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