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I have recently decorated a wine bottle using mixed media, and when it was finished I thought to myself. "What am I going to do with it now". So I tried to make a lamp with the materials I had at home and being a DIYer I had lots. I found this glass tea light candle box which I thought would look good with graphics added to it, for the lampshade. The glass box was a bit unstable on the wine bottle, so I tried a Jack Daniels whiskey bottle which worked perfectly. I was trying to come up with a theme for the lamp and who does not like Game of Thrones. I am also entering this project into the Fandom competition so if you like my project please can you add a vote.


Cricut or Silhouette Cameo or similar cutting machine

  • Empty Jack Daniels bottle
  • Solar light cage
  • Black Gesso
  • Permanent Vinyl oracle 651
  • Jewellery box legs
  • E6000 glue
  • Stencils
  • Texture Paste
  • Faux leather
  • Light fitting
  • Cardstock
  • Charms/Embellishments
  • Heat gun/hairdryer
  • Bronze wax paste
  • Paintbrush
  • Diamond tip hole cutter
  • Step 1: Cut a Hole in Your Bottle

    It is a good idea to cut the hole into the bottle first for the light fitting. My first attempt broke the bottle. It took me a long time to cut the hole and add water at the same time. At the last second, the drill bit slipped inside the bottle, fell to the side and the weight of the drill smashed the bottle. My plan B was to order so diamond tipped hole cutter. But when it arrived there is no drill bit to hold it in place. I used a scrap piece of wood and drill a hole the same size as the cutter and used it as a template. I clamped the wood to the bottle and drilled the hole, which took about 4 seconds.

    Step 2: Prepare the Bottle

    Wash the bottle and remove the labels. Using the black Gesso primer paint the top and the bottom of the bottle. Paint the whole bottle if you are not adding the faux leather. I had scraps of faux leather at home, you can use any colour because it will be painted. Glue the leather on to the bottle.

    Step 3: Add Texture to the Bottle

    To add texture to the bottle I used stencils and texture paste. All my stencils were made using the Cricut. I went for a brick wall design because any fan of Game of Thrones would know what it means. I did change the design of this bottle a few times because some of my ideas looked good and others did not. But the joy of mixed media is that you can just cover it up with something else. Looking for mixed media ideas check out this mixed media canvas which shows you can use lots of everyday item in your projects. Tape the stencil to the bottle and spread a layer a texture paste over the stencil. Remover the stencil straight away and wash it. The texture paste does not need to look perfect, the imperfections make it more appealing once the bronze is added. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to speed up the drying time.

    Step 4: Add the Vinyl Graphics

    This graphic was covered up in the end because I made a 3D throne instead. So this step is to show you how I added the Night King and the dragons to the bottle. All the vinyl graphics were done the same way. I got all the graphics off Etsy if you are looking for the same ones. Using the Cricut add the designs to design space and size according to what you want. Remove (Weed) the excess vinyl and using transfer tape, transfer the image over to the bottle using the scraper to push the vinyl onto the bottle. Remove the transfer tape and you are done. The Cricut is an incredible machine the things it can do are awesome.

    Step 5: Making the 3D Images

    These were again made using the Cricut and cardstock. I have to laugh because all these got scrapped in the end because I changed my mind again. But you will get the idea of how I made them. Cersei looked good on vinyl but not in 3D and the throne I reversed out. Add the graphics into the design space (Cricut software) and repeat the design 6 times. Glue them all together to get the shape. Scuff up the edges with a nail file to remove the hard edges.

    Step 6: Add Embellishment

    I added a small piece of burlap to give added texture, you can use whatever you have at home. I had previously made some chess pieces out of epoxy resin. The king and queen were added as a 3D effect. I cut the pins off some tack to go on the corners. And used some bendable charms on the edges. The extra bits and bobs I added were broken jewellery and studs from my workshop.

    Step 7: Paint the Bottle

    Once you are happy with everything you have glued on, added 2 coats of black gesso. Using the bronze paste, dip your finger in the paste and rub your finger over the surface of the black gesso. Don't add bronze to all the nooks and crannies or the effect will be lost. To make the vinyl stand out more like the dragons and the night king you can cover the whole area with the bronze paste. The legs were ordered years ago from wish without checking the description and when they arrive they were tiny. But they worked great for this project. They were glue on using contact glue.

    Step 8: Making the Lampshade

    You can stop here and buy a lamp shape or you can make one like this. I used a tea light candle holder and recycled an old lamp fitting. I had to come up with a way to fit the lampshade to the bottle. I found this solar light in Kmart for $4 which worked perfectly. Fit the cord through the bottle.

    Step 9: Install the Light Fitting

    I used the lid from the bottle and drilled a hole the size of the fitting and pushed the fitting into the lid. The basket for the solar light came with a rubber seal which fit perfectly over the bottle lid.

    Step 10: Add Graphic to the Glass

    I cleaned the glass with isocol to remove any fingerprints. Add the graphics to design space. I typed up the most popular phrases for all the characters and added them under the image. All the graphics were printed on Oracle 651 black gloss vinyl. Smooth out the vinyl on the mat and cut them out using the Cricut. Weed the excess vinyl away so you are left with just the image you want on the glass. I used old transfer tape that was not as sticky to transfer the images. I personally find it works better on glass surfaces. And then I ended up with this hot mess. All the images mashed up together. I don't know why I did not think that was going to happen.

    Step 11: Screen Off the Images

    I tried lining the glass with paper at first, but it blocked to much light and could be a fire hazard. Then I came up with baking paper, if it can go in an oven it can withstand the low heat for the modern lightbulbs. I cut the baking paper to size and fitting it into the gap between the glass and the frame. I also taped it inside for extra measure. I used epoxy glue to secure the shade to the fitting which was a big mistake because I couldn't change the light bulb. So at the moment, I have heat resistant double sided tape holding it in place. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Looking for more great projects using a Cricut check out these cool custom suitcase covers. You will be able to spot your bags on the airport carousel straight away. To see more great projects visit my website unique creations by Anita.

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