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Introduction: Game of Thrones Halloween Party Invite

Every year I put on a Halloween party and try to come up with unique invites.

This year we chose a Game Of Thrones" theme.

The invite consist of a painted box with decor on the outside.

The inside has a dragon egg, a wolf head charm, gold coins and a rolled scroll invite. All of these items sit on a faux fur insert.

The box is then wrapped in a brow craft paper wrapping , tied with twine and then mailed or hand delivered to each person.

Step 1: Outside the Box: Paint

My idea was to make the box look kind of metal with a steampunk kind of feel. I got black, rust, copper, and gold spray paint. I bought some generic white boxes from amazon. They were Corrugated Mailer, 6" Length x 4" Width x 3" Height, and were about $22 for 50 boxes.

I started out with a black paint first then followed up with all the other colors and painted them in patches. The end result was a metal appearing boxes. I did paint both sides of the box.

Step 2: Outside the Box: Decor

I wanted to outside the box to resemble the opening pictures of the show with the metal colors and the maps and cogs.

I found a game of thrones map with a web search.

Found one I liked and printed them out with a laser printer to fit the front side of my box.

I then used spray adhesive to attached the map to the box

After I attached the map, I then hot glued the little cogs around the edges of the map on the box.

I got the cogs from amazon.

I bought 2 packs for my project,you can add more or less as you see fit.

Step 3: Inside the Box: Fur

I found these small strips of fake fur at my local craft store ( Michael's).

They worked perfectly for this project. I did not have to trim the fake fur too much, just had to cut it in half basically.

Step 4: Inside the Box: the Dragon Egg

The Dragon egg is made of a paper mache egg I got through Amazon

I was a little disappointed though. The egg was actually a black plastic egg covered in brown paper mache. It did still work so not a big deal, I was just surprised.

I used a Dremel and carved little curved lines into the egg to look like scales.

I then painted the eggs in various shades of green black and red. I accented with gold, bronze and glitter paint.

Once the paint had dried I added a soft brown wax over the whole egg, the brown wax settled into the edges and cracks and made the scales really stand out.

Step 5: Inside the Box: Charms and Coins

The other items for the other houses were a small wolf charm

and some plastic gold coins

Step 6: Inside the Box" the Invite

The last item in the box is the invitations.

For this item I used plain copy paper, wrote an invite to the party using a cool font, and added a medieval border. I got the border from here.

Once I printed out the invite I then soaked the paper in a tea/coffee mix to age it.

Here are some cool pinterest sites to look at

I let the paper dry and then soaked them again to make them darker.

Once they were wet I used a fork and ripped the edges to make it look even older and worn.

After the papers had all dried I folded them in half, and rolled them then tied them with a leather strip and put sealing wax on them.

Step 7: All Done

I am pretty happy with how this project turned out.

Hope you like it also.

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