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Introduction: Game of Thrones Stark Sigil

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I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I came late to the game and started watching the show about mid way through season 5. I immediately binge watched all the previous seasons to catch up. Then I read all the books hoping the next book would come out before the new season started. We all know how that went, but I’m still excited to see what route HBO takes. I’ve always wanted to make something to show my love for the books and the show so I put this together. Even if you aren't in to Game of Thrones I hope that you can use some of my techniques to make your own fan art or just art in general. I really liked the way this came out I hope you enjoy this instructable.

Video link for those that rather watch than read.

Step 1:

This is a template I made from an image of a direwolf, the Stark family sigil, I found online. It is printed out on 45 sheets of paper that are taped together. I use an Exacto knife to cut out the template.

Step 2:

I used pallet wood for this project. I added some support pieces to the back. I measured the length of the support pieces from top to bottom and subtracted about half an inch from the top and bottom. I didn't want the support pieces to be visible from the front. Next I cut the three pieces to length, then I glued and screwed them on to the back. I would also recommend pre-drilling for the screw holes sometimes pallet wood can split pretty easily.

Step 3:

Next I painted the front grey with some spray paint.

Step 4:

I saw another person on YouTube named Laura Kampf use this aging technique. Basically you sprinkle sawdust on to wet paint. You can see the close up of what it looks like and then the whole surface which shows the entire piece covered with sawdust.

Step 5:

Next I spray painted it black right on top of the sawdust. Once the black paint is dry then I brushed off the sawdust with a stiff shop brush. This leaves a weathered look that adds a layer of "character" to the background.

Step 6:

Next I put on a latex glove and sprayed grey paint directly in to the glove which I then flicked across the surface of the piece. I did this several times until I was happy with the look. I also rubbed the excess paint from the glove on to the surface in different spots and smeared it and rubbed it in to the surface. Again just trying to add another layer of "character" to the background.

Step 7:

Next I masked off the area where the direwolf would go. I would recommend just taping off the entire surface at this point it will save you time in the long run. Next I traced the silhouette of the direwolf on to the surface using the template. Then I cut out the silhouette with a razor knife and peeled off the tape. Try to be careful pulling off the tape as this can be re-used in a later step in the process.

Step 8:

Next I sprayed the silhouette with white paint then ivory colored paint. The white paint was too white so the ivory toned it down a bit.

Step 9:

I decided to add the Stark words to the bottom of the piece. So I made a template and secured on to the surface and then used a razor knife to cut out all the letters. The last picture shows the finished lettering all cut out.

Step 10:

This is were you can reuse the tape you removed in the earlier step. Place it back on to the silhouette once the paint is dry. Secure the template in place and then cut out all the black lines and areas with a razor knife.

Step 11:

Once all the cutting has been done you can peel off the tape for all the black areas. It helps to have a reference photo to look at when pulling off the tape to make sure you pull off the right tape it can get a little confusing trying to keep track of what needs to come off and what stays.

Step 12:

Next I used the same grey spray paint as the base coat and spray the lettering and the direwolf detail.

Step 13:

Pull off all the blue tape.

Step 14:

I plan on using a D-hanger to hang this on the wall. I hope you enjoyed this write-up and hopefully it inspires you to make your own.

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    6 Discussions

    Sean laytham
    Sean laytham

    4 years ago

    Amazing work. You've inspired me to do one. I will post pictures once complete ?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes please do. And thank you for the compliment. It's comments like these that inspire me to continue to post on here.


    4 years ago

    Looks great mate, I like that it can be made with basic equipment. I guess you need a lot of patience to do a project like this but being a GoT fan teaches you plently of patience ☺


    Reply 4 years ago

    Man don't I know it. When is the next book coming out?????