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Introduction: Game of Thrones Themed Toilet Roll Holder

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Got this idea when the wife was finishing redecorating the bathroom. It was so squicky-clean and boring ! Anyway, there are several novelty ideas to stash your entire toilet roll supply in the toiletroom. Now I'm also a big Game of Throne fan, so I mixed a few ideas together and created this.

Step 1:

The original toilet roll holder

Step 2:

Used some weed-brush-handles, very cheap.

Step 3:

Made a base from old timber, roughened it up a bit and torched it with a paint-stripper. Pegs from concrete-iron.

Step 4:

First peg is straight up 90 degrees, then 2 x 15 degrees and outer pegs 2 x 30 degrees. Guessed the lengths to be a bit sloping. Also torched the pegs to a crispy haselnut brown.

Step 5:

Got some toy swords and a shield, with a tyrep loosely around the tip of the pegs.

Step 6:

Now all I need to do is to explain/show my wife what "Game of Thrones" is .......   :-)

Step 7:

And there it is now. I have to add one more handle to the top-peg, but that will be in the near future. ( gotta be bigger and better, don't you agree? ) :-)

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    OMG I could never think of anything like this in my entire life. You are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing :).

    This is crazy awesome! I think it would look even better if you put your second to last image first!