Introduction: Gameboy Cartridge Display and Shelving


So it all started when for a college assignment I needed to make something that I could display my name on. It had to be relatively small and it had to be no more than 5 pieces to put together that are laser cut. So I went ahead and designed this to be laser cut. The cover on it is held together with magnets so they can easily be removed. You will need the following pieces to be able to make this.


  1. 12 * 5mm neodymium magnets
  2. Hot glue gun and sticks
  3. Laser cutter
  4. Laser cut pieces
    1. bottom
    2. 2 * cartridge inserts
    3. gameboy magnetic cover
    4. stand
  5. 6mm thick plywood

Lets get started!

Step 1: Laser Cutting!

First you will need to laser cut this. I would highly suggest laser cutting the cartridge inserts first and the reason being is to test the settings on your laser cutter to make sure the tolerances are right. To test the tolerances stick a gameboy cartridge in it to test it. If it fits make sure to do the rest of the pieces with similar settings. The settings that would play a big factor on the tolerances would be speed and power. Increasing power and lowering speed will make the tolerances bigger.

Step 2: Assembly!

  1. First put some hotglue on the top bottom piece. Then align one of the cartridge inserts and put it on the bottom piece. Make sure it is aligned and to wipe away any excess hot glue.
  2. Once step 1 has dried hotglue the stand into its tabs and wait for it to dry.
  3. Hotglue the second cartridge insert on top of the first. Make sure it is aligned and to wipe away an excess hot glue for this step requires a lot of precision for the cartridges depend on it.
  4. Once everything has dried you will need to put hotglue inside each of the holes that are 5mm in diameter. Then you are to stick two magnets in each of those holes. Make sure you push the magnets all the way down into the holes.
  5. Then stick a third magnet onto each of the cartridge inserts. Align the cover onto each of those magnets. Then hotglue the top of the unglued magnets onto the cartridge cover. Wait for it to dry and it should be all set now for cartridges to be put inside it.

Step 3: Conclusion!

So to remove the cartridges out of the display remove the magnetic cover and just poke your finger in the back of the hole behind the cartridges. That should be enough to remove the cartridges otherwise either your precision was off or you didn't get the tolerances right on your laser cutter.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and cartridge holder for yourself. Feel free to ask any question or comments below. Thanks! Enjoy!

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