Introduction: Game Boy Costume

I created this costume based on the original game boy. I made a donkey kong version and added a papercraft head I found on .... If there is interest in more specific steps, please let me know.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

The head:

- 160 gr paper
- Printer
- Template for the Donkey Kong mask. Buy it from PlainPapyrus (found on
- Cutter
- Ruler
- Glue (I used pritt - easy to apply)
- Tape
- Newspaper and glue for the paper mache
- Paint

The Game Boy:

- Hard foam plates. (I used styrofoam, but many other possibilities)
- Duct Tape - Lots of duct tape!
- Super glue
- 2 belts
- Cutter
- Iron saw or hot wire cutter
- Paint
- Newspaper and glue for paper mache
- A scaled measurement plan
- Blue, red and black marker
- Wooden sticks of 1 by 1cm or thicker when you don't mind the weight.

Step 2: The Head: Cutting and Folding

Download the template from PlainPapyrus (bought on Etsy)

Print this onto the 160 gr paper. I used this thicker paper as it's a bit stronger.

Cut out all the pieces. I uses a cutter and ruler to get nice straight lines. The better you cut it out, the better the result in the end.

Fold all the lines. Please look at the description of the mask when to fold as a valley or mountain. For this I also used a ruler to get straighter folds.

Step 3: The Head: Glue the Parts Together

Once everything is folded, just glue the pieces together. Very easy, just combine the numbers together. 1 to 1, 2 to 2,... I used pritt and tape. The pritt kept the parts together for a couple of seconds so I could add some tape as an extra support. Once the pritt dried, you've got a good connection.

If you're done, you already have a quit strong head.

Step 4: The Head: Paper Mache and Painting

Now we will apply some paper mache to make the head stronger and cover up some folds. How you make the paper mache or the technique you uses is up to you. I used glue, but there a different possibilities.

When dried you can apply some paint to give it a nicer look.

Step 5: The Body: Plan Ahead

To make sure I was in somewhat the same scale, I made a plan with measurements. I decided what the width of my suit would be, and started to compare with a real game boy (or a printed image). At the end some pieces became bigger as they are, but it's alway best to work with a plan.

Step 6: The Body: Skelet

To form the body and give it some strength, I made a wooden skelet. I used wood stick from 1x1cm. Thicker is also possible, but you need to keep in mind that it also increased the weight of the costume. The corners I glued with superglue, put a small screw in and reinforced it with lots of duct tape.

The harnas i created is very simple. I used a belt and tied 4 strings of duct tape that are connected with the skelet to it. I did this on my waist and on my chest (so it could not tilt). I also reinforced the belt om my chest by making two traps that go over my shoulder to prevent it form going down.

After this i made a box out of foam plates, glued these to the skelet and reinforced all the corners with duct tape.

When I had a box, I made the cut for the screen.

Step 7: The Body: Paper Mache and Details

Now I reinforced the box with paper mache, again the technique is up to you. I cut out the buttons. For the round buttons, I bought some pre shaped foam parts in a store. It's also possible to use some other round parts, like a round box or so.

Step 8: The Body: Painting and Finishing Touch

After the paper mache dried, I painted the suit. I also added some details with a marker.

To give a special look I also printed game background (I know this game boy had nog color gamer, but I liked it better). I made this out of several A4 papers, glued them on a cardboard and then glued it to the costume.

Step 9: FINISHED!!!

Hope you enjoy making this costume!