Gameboy Sat Nav

Introduction: Gameboy Sat Nav

I decided to take an old sat nav (Navigon 1210) I had laying around and fit the internals into an original Gameboy for a retro look. I was not too difficult more time was spent modifying the case as there was very little soldering.
I have added some high resolution pictures with descriptions but the video contains all the info and steps taken to complete this project.

Step 1:

Cutting out the space for the larger LCD.

Step 2:

Two wires need to be soldered on to the tactile switch so you can bypass with a new one.

Step 3:

Cut out for the SD card slot.

Step 4:

Dummy buttons glued in place, speaker and extended speaker wires.

Step 5:

LCD held in place with hot glue.

Step 6:

Sat nav motherboard seated into Gameboy with extension wires for on/off switch.

Step 7:

Gameboy switch is now a push in action for on/off.

Step 8:

Dummy contrast wheel next to new SD slot.

Step 9:

Gameboy sat nav finished mounted in the car.

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    6 years ago

    Hey Andrew, could you please email me? I have a problem with building one of your instructables.


    8 years ago

    love this, would love to put one in a GBA. An old android phone stripped would work wonders I thinks.

    Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is genius! Very simple idea also works and looks beautiful. I built a case for my Ipod video (the one with the wheel) and used a Game Boy Pocket and the picture lined up perfect and the buttons change the songs. I was looking up a tutorial on an original GB case for my 3DS and you have inspired me. I'll be updating my Sat Nav (GPS) and I'll be posting a tutorial on my Ipod Game Boy Pocket soon. You have inspired me. Thank you.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good stuff brother! It came out really neatly, and it looks really cool, a shame you had to lose the cove plate though