Introduction: Gamer Altoid Kit

This is my first Instructable, so be kind.

I love the concept of Altoid tin kits, but do not have much need for most of them. However, I am a gamer from way back (RPGs and Board Games) and thought this would be a good kit to take to Gaming Conventions. I am actually using a project tin, but as shown in the first picture, it is the exact same size. The second picture is of the kit and contents. The third is all the contents.


Full set of polyhedral dice

Extra D6's

Mini mechanical pencils


Marker chips

2 or 3 sheets of 5X8 inch paper, folded to fit

2 breath mints

Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen

Step 1: Dice

The basis of the kit is dice. Any gamer knows you can never have too many dice.

My kit contains a full set of polyhedral dice. 3 mini D6's. And one special D6. (One of the game hosts at our local con gives players a D6 the first time they play. Then, they usually give in-game bonuses to repeat players, identified by having the special die.)

There are also some marker chips. These come in handy for a variety of purposes. I got these from a Left, Right, Center game at a dollar store. I intend to add one or more of different colors to signify different marks or to use in drawing lots. But I have yet to find any that I like. They have to feel the same for drawing lots.

Step 2: Pencil and Paper

I got a packet of mini mechanical pencils with erasers from Amazon. Then I added folded 2 sheets of 5x8 inch paper to the correct size.

Step 3: Personal Hygiene

Breath mints. Because once in a while there is someone there you may wish to impress. Also, other gamers play around the clock without a break. Breath can get bad. Either way, be prepared.

Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Headaches happen. Avoid Imperial entanglements: use pills that are clearly marked if you wrap them in plastic wrap like I did. Prepackaged medicine would probably be better.

Step 4: Figurine

A lot of games require minis or are better with one. Include a small figurine that will not get broken inside the kit. I found this little guy in a toy store sale bin.

Step 5: Enjoy

Modify to fit your needs and Enjoy.

Hope to see you at a Gamer's convention soon.