Introduction: Gaming Chair

I have made this project because I love gaming and all the game chairs that where avalible were to expensive for me.

This is my first instruction, so if
there is anything that is unclear please let me know.

You need the following tools:

1. Soldering iron

2. wire stripper

3. wire cutters

4. screwdriver set

You need the following items:

1. Game controller of choice (I used xbox360)

2. 4x vibrating motors (Link)

3. solid state relay 1,5v input (min 12 - 24v output)

4. power suply (max 24v dc) I used an old laptop charger that was 19v DC

Step 1: Solder the Solid State Relay

First thing you have to do is open your controller.

Take the motors out of the controller and cut the wires as close to the motors as you can. (If you want you`re controller to still vibrate you don’t cut the wires but solder some wires on the red and black wire)

Now you have to solder the wires on the solid state relays. (image)

After that you can solder 2 long wires (I recommend red and black) to the other side of the solid state relay. These 2 wires are going to be connected to the vibrating motors that are going to be mounted on the chair.

Repeat this step to the other side of the controller.

I have drilled a hole on the bottom of the controller. (where you hold the controller) and let the wires come out that way. You can think of your own spot to get the wires thru.

In the chair I mounted some Female connections so that its possible to plug any controller in there.

Step 2: Mount the Motors

Mount the motors to your chair. Divide
the motors over the chair so they are equally divided.

Now connect the motors in the same way as drawn in the wire diagram.

You can chose to solder the wires to the motors or you can use AMP clamps like I did.

If you connected everything you can start up you`re game console and enjoy your favorite games in your vibrating chair.